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That's an option to enable : Settings > General > Usage > Battery Percentage


Mirroring iPod Touch 4th Gen Completely (homescreen and games) !! If you are jailbroken, then you can go into iFile and go to the directory: (/var/mobile/Library/Preferences) Then go to the plist named: (com.apple.springboard.plist) Open the plist up with the Property List Viewer and scroll down until you find the line labelled TVOutDiabled and turn that ...


This may vary slightly depending on what type of iPod you have, but generally if you want to delete arbitrary songs on the iPod (without having to modify any playlists etc. in iTunes itself that you are syncing from), you need to have the device set to "manually manage music" on the device Summary tab. Then, you select the device from the top bar when it is ...


The 6th generation iPod touch has 1GB of RAM and runs at 1.10GHz according to Matthew Panzarino.

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