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Videos recorded with iOS (your iPod 5) have the extension "MOV", but they are normal "MP4" (containing H.264 and AAC). Which means that you can change the extension to "MP4" and they will be playable on Windows. In this case (recorded on iOS and with the extension "MOV") it is not necessary to convert these files. Same for "M4V" and "M4H" (other extensions ...


Your device is most likely Activation Locked. In order to remove the previous owner's Apple ID, you should try to get in contact with them and arrange to have them remove their ID from the device. Activation Lock is an anti-theft feature, so if you do a factory restore in iTunes, you will be prompted for the previous owners Apple ID password when the device ...


I just wanted to chime in with a completely alternative answer. The data locking cable is really neat, but if you're really concerned, don't use a charging station. Get a battery case, Or a battery pack. Or both. Naturally, be sure to be on top of recharging them when you're in a safe place.


For all conversion tasks, I like to recommend Handbrake. There are versions for MacOS, Windows and Linux, and its use does not involve messing around with command lines.

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