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Connect the device with the app to the PC with a USB cable. Right click on the iPod and select "transfer purchases" Once the app is on the computer, then connect the iPhone. Set up that app to sync and you should be done.


Yes it is certainly possible. You need to sync your iPod via iTunes on your PC. All purchased apps should then appear in iTunes. You can then transfer them from iTunes to your iPhone. Additionally, I recommend syncing with a computer regularly to ensure you have a backup of all your data. You are backing up right? Here is Apple's support documentation ...


While I can't find you documentation describing the exact hardware differences of each carrier's iPhones and iPads, it is to my knowledge that all Apple devices are relatively the same across the board, save cellular hardware. However, Apple is known to source different components from different manufacturers, but there is nothing I can find to determine ...


It appears that if you upgrade to iCloud Drive, you won't be able to sync any game data with your iOS 8 devices. As an upgrade to iCloud Drive will no longer allow your older iOS 6 iPod to view or edit Documents in iCloud (which I assume includes game data). Source: this MacRumors forum

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