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Jailbreaking at least the older generations of iPod Touches shouldn't erase the contents. However, there's always the risk that something goes wrong in the process and you might have to restore the device - either from a previous backup or to set up as a new device with no existing data. There's no explicit requirement to take a backup before jailbreaking, ...


It is a 4th generation iPod touch.


This loop only happened when plugged into my MacBook Pro. When I plugged into a mains charger, it successfully booted to the OS... Weird.


If you are sending audio from a Mac or PC this is very doable using the Rogue Amoeba product AirFoil: http://www.rogueamoeba.com/airfoil/speakers.php It doesn't go over bluetooth, but WiFi similar to AirPlay - but it might be the closest you can get without jailbreaking iOS. I don't know of a specific jailbreak mod, but it's not something iOS/OS X does ...

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