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I had the same problem with my trusty iPod which I had plugged into my Audi's adapter. It worked perfect for years. I recently moved it to my new Audi (which no longer has a built in adapter). Up came a message "connect to power" with a picture of a battery. Plugged into USB outlet on my car with a cord I had not used in years and no luck, then plugged into ...


If you are playing a playlist or album you have to play the whole thing to the end or just fast forward. Then the player shuts down and reverts back to the clock.


When you reset you basically restarting the hardware and the device reloads the software. When you delete you remove all the data from the device. Though to solve your problem I would suggest you try the following: Use iTunes to Restore your iPod to factory default. Once complete reload your content. when you restore you erase the device completely and ...

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