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My first thought was that ImageMagick is bound to have something for this, and indeed it does. You could run something like this find . -name "*.JPG" -exec identify {} \; | grep Corrupt where you can replace . with your directory of choice (it will descend recursively) to check each file or image with ImageMagick's identify command. Grepping for 'Corrupt' ...


According to Apple's RAW format support page, Sony Alpha ILCE-6000 support was added in Digital Camera RAW Compatibility Update 5.06 released in August 2014. This update requires a minimum of OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.5 with iPhoto version 9.4.3 or later. I recommend upgrading to the latest OS X version supported by your Mac.


Ok, I believe it takes up double space. I just deleted my iPhoto Library.migratedphotolibrary which was about 90gig of space. HD went from having 220gig of free space to having now 316gig. So I freed up about 90gig of space. Plus when I went to empty the trash folder it took a few minutes.


On Yosemite, it was driving me nuts and the above answers helped some, but I still had to dig around a bit. Here's my own clarification: Connect your phone and open Photos. Drop down the View menu and Select Show Sidebar (changing the option to Hide Sidebar as shown in my screenshot) Select your phone in the now visible sidebar and uncheck the box labeled ...

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