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With iPhone plugged in. Open application "Image capture" Select your iPhone Press the triangle in square symbol in the lower left corner. Choose "No application" in the droplist under "Connecting this phone opens:"


Look in "Albums" as well as "Photos" and you should find your photos.


executive summary: check to see if it's full I've been having this problem a lot lately, with OSX 10.9 and iTunes 11 on a 4th gen iPod Touch with iOS 6. I think there are a few contributors in my case, that seem to combine to stall it, often at "importing photos" or "preparing items" in step 8 (will stall for hours until I kill it). One issue is that when ...


PhotoScope is a paid app available for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch that allows you to browse an iPhoto library on the local network without using iCloud or other services. It does, however, require a free helper app be installed on the Mac to enable this. (Note that I have not used PhotoScope and therefore, YMMV.)

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