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You can create a custom service for Finder using Automator.app. Open Automator.app located in /Applications/ folder by default. When prompted to choose a document type, choose "Service". On the top you will see a a box with drop downs. Select "image files" for the drop down box "Service receives selected" and choose "Finder" for the in. Then on the ...


You can put the new iPhoto itself on a USB drive, and just replace the file in Applications (after taking the necessary backup precautions, of course). It should work fine. Source: My own experience, having upgraded a computer to Yosemite with the sole available wifi network having a finite amount of data.


Probably the best way is to do it through Safari. As far as I know Safari doesn't change the size or quality of uploaded images. Keep in mind that max size in pixels of an image on Facebook currently is limited to 2048x2048px. If you try to upload a bigger image Facebook will resize and reencode it automatically and the result will not be optimal.

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