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You can back up to iTunes on your Mac or PC desktop or laptop directly over USB. Connect the device over USB to iTunes, select your device in the toolbar and click Back Up Now.


You can't restore out of this problem, even with DFU restore. A bug with 64-bit devices renders them ‘bricked’ if you set the date to 1970-1-1. Take your device to an Apple Store for them to reseat the battery, or you can try reseating the battery yourself. You could also put it in a drawer and eventually the battery will drain to a point where the date ...


Open /Applications/Image, select your iPhone, then select your WD as the destination. Then use Image Capture's delete button to erase all the photos from your phone.


While I personally wouldn't attach a non A-branded charger to my iPhone, theoretically if the charger delivers 5V and does it on a USB connector, it really doesn't matter from where the power comes. The more amps the faster your iPhone will charge. I've been charging my iPhone with my iPad charger for years without any problems. Currently Apple has 3 ...


I made a playlist, copied and pasted the songs from the old one, and deleted the old one. I re-synced the phone and it worked. It worked for all of them just by recreating one. This solution fixed the grey circles next to 60% of my songs. I planned to make all new playlists but started with one as a test. I chose a playlist where I had just purchased a ...


Well, shave my whiskers, crumble my biscuit, and oil my gears, I'll be darned! I let it sit there in that state for a literal hour (72 minutes) with no progress bar or evidence of activity [even over USB 3.0!] and it eventually restored and booted. I still had to go through some prompts to get it to connect, but it worked.

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