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I also had a problem connecting to my Netgear AP, After I performed firmware downgrade to 2.0.7NA work perfectly now


So iPhone 5s use a Lightning cable rather than the old school dock connector. Lightning cables actually have an authentication chip in them, hence the message. There's a jailbreak tweak out there that may be worth checking out, but it's quite old and may not have been updated. Your best bet would be to just get a new cable. Certified cables can be had ...


I've dealt with deep-rooted issues on my iCloud account, and I have been asked by Senior Advisors (in the US) for permission to put my account into Troubleshooting mode, which requires that they provide you with a temporary password so they can access your account and see what's going on with it. Talking with various Senior Advisors over the course of a few ...


I used to work for Apple support, both iPhone and Mac, both first and second level ("Senior Advisor" to the outside world). Without knowing all the details, here's my reaction: Support operations that Apple runs in other countries than the United States can rarely have some different support procedures, but this one sounds too far out of bounds. Keep in ...


In a word, NO. No-one reputable will EVER ask for your password, EVER. Proper support have the tools and such in place to allow them the access they need to do what they need. If they have to actually login as you (Which clearly they can only do from a different device anyway, limiting any usefulness it may even have) then surely there is nothing they ...


I think is due to temperature difference. I have no problem using it in Australia for many years. I was in northern Sweden (Umea) last year December and I found this weird screen appear. I asked Apple Sweden and they said it might be due to extreme difference in temperature that cause this. Northern Sweden was -11 on Christmas period. Well... I think if you ...


Very simple; No way Apple will allow you to do this


See: iOS 9 Feature Availability ยง News News is only available in Australia, USA, and the UK. This is also more "explicitly" stated in the fine print at the end of the iOS 9.3 Preview page. Features are subject to change. News is available only in the U.S., UK, and Australia. May not be available in all regions.


To see the telephone number, press EDIT, then press the number.

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