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There may be other ways to do it (and there are for photos and videos such as putting them on iCloud Photo Library), but if you want to access these all together, a good program you can use is iExplorer. That looks to do everything you want to do. It's not free, but I think they have a free trial you can use.


Without jailbreaking, this is not possible as Apple does not provide a feature for this, and apps can't control the system in this manner. If the device is jailbroken, you can use an Activator action to Power Down on Disconnect.


Make sure that you have the latest version of iTunes. Check for issues with third-party security software. Make sure that your USB cable, computer, and network are reliable. Then try twice more to restore your iPhone. If you still see the error message, you can check for outdated or modified software or contact Apple Support.

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