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There's no easy way to do this by standard means of iOS (current fresh iOS v.9.3.1), without "jailbreaking" and intruding to the inner-workings of iOS. Headsets with wire If are using headsets with wire, then we can blame higher/lower impedance difference in the headphones. High-impedance headsets would require higher signal levels to produce the same ...


if you have purchased/downloaded the app with your Apple ID, you would still be able to download the app from the "Purchased" section of the App Store even if the app has been removed from the shelves.


First you want to do a back up of the 4s. Then you want to follow these steps: Once you've finished that, you want to load the iPhone 5s with the backup. And then you should be good to go. These are from apples website: here Hope it helps!


Low Energy requires both ends to be updated. Apple has a knowledge base article explaining this at: - iOS and iBeacon requirements For Mac, open System Information and select the Bluetooth section on the left. If you have the following line towards the top, you are equipped for Low Energy bluetooth: Bluetooth ...

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