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You can call Verizon customer support @ 1 (800) 922-0204. They should be able to deactivate your phone and activate the replacement. Even in the case of newer phones that are unlocked like the iPhone 6 - you still need a Verizon rep to activate the device after placing the SIM in it due to how their network is configured.


No, its not notifications beeping. I have a dropped iPhone 4S here, that has a cracked screen. Plugging it into a charger results in a constant beeping every 6 seconds exactly with no display. I have no idea if it's because the display/touchscreen is damaged or if the phone has crashed and is displaying a blank screen as i have no idea of the extent of the ...


When your phone is near-dead, go to Settings > General > Usage and see how long your battery has lasted. Then check how long your phone should have lasted. I use the app "System Status" by Jiri Techet to tell me that information, but you can look it up online or use another app.

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