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I encountered the same issues with the current available version of Skype on iOS 7 on an iPhone 4. The solution when using OS X is found in this Video: and this tutorial: which describes the steps to install an SSL proxy ...


Will he be able to read all of my text messages? Yes. If he has an iPad, Mac, or iPhone hooked up to the same iCloud account as you use on your iPhone, then all of the texts you receive will notify him too, and he can see your sent texts and send some of his own too. He can also (if he's crafty) restore a new iPhone from an iCloud backup of your iPhone and ...


All you need to do is, to clean up the headphone plugging in dock and you shall be good to go .. (reason being - your phone is considering a headphone always being plugged in) how to verify this fact ...? switch the mode from silent to ringer. It shall never show the as ringer, but shall show as headphone-silent or headphone-ringer. once the headphone ...


It is scientifically proven that 1gb will take a 58 minute video for an iPhone 6.


If you don't mind removing your iPhone from the dock when you want to play audio from your laptop, there is a hardware solution: numerous 30-pin Bluetooth receivers are available which plug into a dock in place of the iPhone or iPod.


According to your comment, you would be happy with a Ubuntu solution where WiFi works. Therefore, follow this thread at What they basically suggest, is: Create a webserver with IceCast under Ubuntu und stream your audio from there (Here is a Howto) Connect your iPhone via an IceCast compatible app. Now you can connect your iPhone ...

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