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Revise your alarm app settings. There is an option to "repeat" to set your alarm as needed Monday–Sunday; this has all been compacted on the same page.


The catch with trying stop an old app from being upgraded is that it's all or nothing - you can either switch off automatic updates or you have to manually select the apps you want to upgrade every time. A work around for this problem is change the permissions on the app so that it's can't be deleted (nor upgraded) by iTunes - first locate the app (e.g. ...


You can quickly get going again by erasing the device and restoring from iTunes. The backup doesn't need to be in iTunes, but if you don't have a backup, you may be starting over. See http://support.apple.com/en-us/HT1212 for an up to date explanation from Apple as well as more details on the process for your computer or OS of choice.


I think the filters you are talking about were added with iOS 8, the recent iPhone operating system update. Unfortunately that update won't install on your iPhone 4. There are a number of applications available in the App Store that provide similar photo filters though.


I had this problem. Turns out I was in Private Browsing mode.


JAILBREAKING= a "thousand Pros" not JAILBREAKING= not realizing that "thousand pros" ;) p.s It is IMPOSSIBLE to brick an iphone..pls google DFU mode


I had this problem and the following fixed it on my iphone 6. go to mail then mailboxes find "trash" and make sure the box is checked. Solved my problem.

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