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There are a few places Apple IDs can be set on a phone. Make sure that you changed his Apple ID in his iTunes & App Store setting on his phone. You shouldn't have to, but you may want to make sure that Automatic Downloads is not turned on also (in the same settings menu).


Your Dad's phone is still tied to your Apple ID for automatic downloads, so any of your purchases are automatically downloaded to his phone. This is easily fixed, and can even be done without access to his phone. You can manage your automatic download devices with iTunes. Launch iTunes (these instructions are for iTunes 12.x), make sure you're signed in to ...


All phones have done this, since they were first invented - the analog ones used to be far worse. It used to be compulsory to switch them off in the studios where I worked, as the interference could actually make its way onto a recording. It's caused by electromagnetic induction to a nearby amplified circuit - hi-fi, tv, computer speakers etc. It was ...


I went to a shop where there is a specialized department for iphone/ipad repairments (as suggested by @Tetsuiin). They told me the display was no longer working and it had to be replaced. They also replaced the home button. Now i got my iphone 4 back working like a charm again. By the way, i have noticed that my battery lasts more time. Looks like this new ...

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