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I had this same problem. The apps that I didn't want to use for cellular and every time I would close out of settings or disable cellular data the apps would re-enable again, but I managed to restore my iPhone I had to set it up as a new iPhone. I advise if you are having a problem like this to write down all your apps or contacts or important stuff down, So ...


I spent a while recently pondering what I think is the same issue. Eventually I found that AirPlay Mirroring requires an iPhone 4S or later. So audio should play wirelessly from the iPhone 4, but screen mirroring won't work. Hope that helps.


It might be related to the DNS on the iPhone. Go to Settings -> Wi-Fi -> And Connect to your home Wi-Fi Network Now: Touch on the "i" icon on the right; Where it says DNS edit the value for: Go Back to the Wi-Fi networks listing and wait to confirm that the blue tick appears on the left. This DNS address is from Google, so it will work with ...


You can read about the differences here About the adapter You gave in the link, a reviewer wrote: If you're looking for an adapter to charge your 30 pin device* with a lightning cable, then you will not be disappointed. If you wishing to connect your 30 pin device* for sync to your computer*, then you will also not be disappointed for at least ...

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