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You can use any browser to go to https://www.icloud.com/#find & track the phone, play sound, erase it or lock it - so long as you know your AppleID & password. If not, start at iforgot.apple.com


iOS 7 isnt compatible with iPhone 3Gs. You need to upgrade your phone.


upgrade your phone. you're not going to be able to install current apps on your 3GS as your limited to running iOS 6.


Change your battery this method will work


that's a tough one and could be an issue with a bad battery or something wrong with the "charging circuitry" in the phone itself which would require a visit to the Genius Bar or a 3rd party phone repair shop. One thing you might want to try before going that route is to plug it into the Mac or PC that you normally sync with. Does it give you that same ...


I had a 3GS on iOS 6 for a whole year, until I went to a 5S & iOS 7 when that was released. It was a bit slow & clunky compared to a newer device, but it worked just fine for what I needed. My main usage was as an e-reader & iPod, plus some mail & web. One thing I did find was that after reducing the total memory used on the device [in my ...

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