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In a word, no. It is not possible, either with Apple Configurator, or other MDM solutions, to restrict users from updating iOS when new versions are released. Being able to update iOS without simultaneously being able to update apps (as can be set up using supervised iDevices in Apple Configurator) can lead to big problems, such as incompatible apps and ...


According to Apple, the AirPrint on iPhone is simplified application. It only lets you chose the printer, the number of copies, but not print quality etc.. in other words it use the current Printer defaults. So what can you do? Log in to the printers set up page IP address that you need to know it first, but it is something like (192.168. xxx) and change ...


You can rename your iPad by your iPad mini itself, goto "Settings"->"General"->"About"->"Name". IF you never "Connect" or sync this iPad to this computer via iTunes, the iTunes keeps ask you making it as a new iPad or restore form backup you've made. Choice "Set up as a new iPad", don't worry the iTunes don't wipe your iPad, it just tell the iTunes this is ...


You could check the lightning port for dust and try clearing it out (carefully!) with a needle or air compressor. I have had this problem a few times before and fixed it this way.

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