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You haven't got malware on your iPad. To extract zip files, you need a third-party app and this app's data will be contained within the sandbox of that app.


No, there's no default passcode lock code. Any passcode lock will be set up in Settings and won't be caused by an update.


Only the App Store review staff can provide an absolute answer. However, many apps in the store show modified screenshots. Providing mock content is common place when advertising document based applications. Submit your app for review. If the review is rejected, they will provide a reason and you will have the opportunity to resubmit.


If your device is running iOS 8, you can access a list of the last 5 tabs you closed. This can be accomplished by: Open Safari Press the Tabs button in the lower-right corner of Safari Press and hold the + symbol for a new tab Wait for "Recently Closed Tabs" window to pop up. Access from there. If the tabs do not appear in that list, you will have to ...


On iOS 5 (and maybe 6), the limit is a strict 1 week. On iOS 7 and later, the limit is around 1 week depending on iCloud sync status. It is currently not possible to increase this limit for Safari: Infinite Safari history on iPad?


Sorry but iPads (and iPhones) aren't intended to be used as multi-user devices. At least not like you mean with different profiles like you would find in Windows devices or recent version of Android. The closest thing on iOS devices is Guided Access, where you can lock the device to a particular application and specify time limits. You need to enable it in ...

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