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When you purchase the app, it stays associated to the Apple ID you used. You can install it on other iOS devices, too. Quoth Apple: You can associate your Apple ID with up to 10 devices, with a maximum of 5 computers at any time. Each computer must also be authorized using the same Apple ID. You can re-install it on a new iOS device in the future. ...


I would use Dropbox for this, creating separate repositories for Sales and Installers. Any changes made on each device will sync back to DropBox, and any changes on DropBox will sync back to the individual devices. My business does this very thing with Marketing, and Sales. The one thing I see as an issue is that any changes will sync immediately, not ...


This works on my Mac with OS X Yosemite 10.10.4. Open it in Quicktime. Under the edit menu should be options for rotating. Once you have done that just export the rotated video in the format you want.


The digitizer (the part that senses touch) was damaged in the drop. It will likely need the digitizer replaced. Not sure if that is replaceable separately or of you have to replace the whole screen assembly but that is what needs to be done, no way around it.


Not in any reasonable manner. Instead, use a portable WISP router. This creates your own local WiFi network yet uses the hotel connection as the WAN. Some are no bigger than your finger if you're concerned about size of this additional hardware component.


This is currently not possible OTA. You must connect the device over USB to change the wallpapers.


You can change the wallpaper of a supervised iOS device remotely via MDM. There is a "Managed Setting" command available for this. Here is an excerpt from the Apple MDM documentation. A wallpaper change is a one-time setting that can be changed by the user at will. This command is supported in supervised mode only. iOS 9 will also introduce a ...


There are solutions to automating editing and generation of App Store screenshots. Whether you find them 'simpler' depends a bit on what tools you're comfortable using: Editing existing screenshots? If you're adding frames and title texts, you can automate this with FrameIt (if you are comfortable working in the command line). Other generic image editing ...

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