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The app Duet Display allows you to use any iOS device as an external display and your Mac is running at least OS 10.9. The connection happens entirely over the 30-pin or Lightning cable which might make it lag less than a wifi solution. It's available on the app store.


The app Duet Display lets iOS devices connect to a Mac that is running at least OS 10.9. The Mac needs duet software which is a free download. It's currently available for purchase on the iOS App Store.


Go back to version 9. There is no other solution for a certain type of problem. Starting with Version 10 and carrying on with 11 and 12 (the current version only recently released) all refuse to honour soft subs that were previously compatible. This type of sub is present in the m4v file on your computer but is actually stripped by itunes from the file when ...


iPad does not include a Blu-ray disc driver, so no matter which version you own, it is not compatible with any Blu-ray or DVD movies. But this does not mean you cannot view Blu-rays on ipad, you just need backup blu-ray from disc to computer using free disc ripping tool like MakeMKV, and then install VLC media player on ipad. Place movie to VLC media library ...


Do you maybe have an app listed there, that you installed via another method such as AppCake (Found in Cydia/Is a utility that installs free and paid apps for free, on Jailbroken iDevices)? If so, that may be the problem, and there's a setting in AppCake to remove the metadata of the app, so it doesn't show up in the App Store like it currently may be (You ...

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