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The Moshi Versa origami case is great. It has a hard plastic back case and a thin cover that folds to allow the iPad to stand vertically (for portrait viewing, ideal for reading books) or horizontally (for landscape viewing, ideal for watching video). It also folds to make a 40 degree angle for typing.


Where? The clipboard is stored on the RAM and can also be stored on the 'storage'. When the RAM is full, usually the device will crash. To avoid this most devices these says will use the hard disk/storage as a slower RAM-alternative to prevent crashing, the iPad does not support this natively unfortunately. A single item (image, text, etc.) can be stored. ...


One item (independent of the type, can be text, can be an image) can be stored at a time in the clipboard and it is not possible to access past entries. The clipboard is stored in memory.


Apple isn't signing iOS 7 any more, so this isn't possible.


finding songs that you had siri identify for you. go into itunes on your phone, click the top right box. click on the siri tab. this is with OS8

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