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I'd use iTunes to update it to iOS 9.0.1, which just came out today and fixes a lot of problems with the original release.


You can't review your stored Passwords in the Chrome App at all. On the App and in the Support Documents Apple mentions to use the url passwords.google.com see On that Page when you open it on your Moblie it says that you can access your Passwords From all your Divices but not fron this Site see So i think there is vurrently no way you can have a Look ...


Wifi trouble shooting (which I used to do for a living a few years ago) can be a little lengthy. There are a few settings that may need to be adjusted and checked. The problem with wifi is that there is no physical way to stop any device from transmitting. One issue may be the device that you suspect is causing the noise is just not following wifi standards ...


You can see them also on passwords.google.com.

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