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I've had success resolving Windows hostnames to IP addresses (from my iOS devices) by installing Apple Bonjour (using the "Apple Bonjour Print Services for Windows" download package) onto the machine I wish to connect to, and then suffixing the server name with .local. So: http://MyWindowsPC/ on my iOS devices becomes: http://MyWindowsPC.local/ These ...


Apple says: On your iOS 8 device In the Photos app, tap Shared at the bottom of the screen, then tap Sharing at the top of the screen. Tap the shared album you want to add to, then tap the Add button . Find photos or videos to add. For example, tap Photos, Shared, or Albums to find photos. Tap the photos and videos you want to add, then tap Done. ...


You can use a product like iExplorer to first copy your music off of the iPad on to the computer. Then use the copied music to rebuild iTunes and then when the music on the iPad gets wiped it won't matter as it will get replaced with what you copied to the computer and added to iTunes.

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