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I just solved this problem on my iPad.... Go to the passwords and auto fill option... (2nd line down in your screen shot above) and select remember passwords and the auto fill option.


Yes, you can send a text message to your friend using your Amazon Fire, to their iPad, but only if they have an iPhone as well. If they do, then your message will either go SMS (Short Message Service), which is basically what you know as a text message, or MMS (Multimedia Message Service), which is what gets sent when you send a photo to a friend with a ...


No, you will have to have a device running either OSX or iOS for it to work, eg a MacBook, iMac, iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad to name a few. iMessage works on these platforms only. Other messages will either be sent as SMS or emails, depending on the client you are sending from and other unknown variables.


Netstat app is not an application for viewing running processes, but checking your network connections, to see what you are accessing. This means that the aforementioned compute-1.amazonaws.com is not running, but a connection one of the apps on your phone has made. Anyways, this is not a virus, compute-1.amazonaws.com is a service commonly used to run ...


Within iTunes make a manual backup of the old iPad. Once that is in place you can follow the steps outlined at this blog post...at least if you are working with iOS 6. For iOS 7 or 8, follow the steps outlined at my blog post on how to actually retrieve or recover your passcode without resetting to factory defaults.

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