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Yes - all your apps will be removed from their respective App Stores if your developer program membership expires. If your Apple Developer Program membership expires, you will still have access to iTunes Connect. However, your apps will no longer be available for download on the App Store and you will not be able to submit new apps or updates. Source: ...


There is no way to gather more insight, other that what Apple tell you directly. Only Apple will be able to answer your question for more information. Ask the Apple iTunes Connect team via the Contact Us details: App Review Find out the status of your app and submit general questions for the App Review Team. Ask the Apple Review team via the ...


I think if all you're doing is telling your friends about your app and encouraging them to post honest reviews in the App Store, that's probably fine. If, however, you were trying to get your friends who'd never even used the app to positively review it in the App Store, that would probably be considered a breach of that rule.


From iTunes on your Mac: click on user icon on the top bar (👤) > Account informations -> type your password -> billing information then remove your old card and insert your new card. From iPhone: App Store -> scroll bottom -> Apple ID: your mail -> Show Apple ID type your password -> billing information then remove your old card and insert your new card.


Yes, your app will be deleted from the App Store until you renew your subscription.


You can't remove several of the Apple-supplied apps (try removing the ever-useful Stocks app, for example). The Apple Watch app is one of these. Generally, people tend to move these to a folder that they use to hide the 'useless' apps, or move them to a different screen - just so you're not staring at them all the time. Where I live, the Apple Watch is ...


Point 3.3.38 of the iOS Developer Program License Agreement states: Extensions, WatchKit Extensions and Keyboard extensions: 3.3.38 Applications that include extensions in the Application bundle must provide some functionality beyond just the extensions (e.g., help screens, additional settings), unless an Application includes a WatchKit Extension. ...


You can't use an existing Apple ID and then enroll it into the store. The "none" option only exists for new accounts as a one-time (or limited count) event for that device thanks to scammers and people that manipulate app store ratings with factory reviews and paid downloads. You can usually make a brand new Apple ID following these steps: ...


Take a look at Due. It has a Mac version as well, and I've not seen a more powerful timer app.

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