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Yes. This kind of 'donation' IAP is fine and approved by Apple. For an example of an app which uses this, see Pedometer++ (an app promoted by Apple on numerous occasions) which uses three donation IAPs of different values to allow users more control over the quantity of their donation—also allowed.                                  


Most apps with in-app purchases have the ability to redownload those purchases if, for instance, you delete the app & need to reinstall it, or if you are loading the app on another device with the same AppleID. Below, the Restore Purchase button in GarageBand which allows me to download loops I have purchased:


You can't. Must contact Apple Support to do it. How can I update or change my iOS Developer Program account information? Please contact us for assistance with: Address changes Contact information updates Company/Organization name updates or changes Apple Developer Support


You should visit My Apple ID, login on Manage my Apple ID and modify your email settings there.


Regarding the bank account, see this answer. You would need to consult Apple as to whether the US tax documents are necessary.


This is because some of the currently installed apps on the device are installed with the old Apple ID. You need to uninstall these apps and reinstall them with the new Apple ID.


It sounds like there's a little confusion. Let me elaborate a little bit... I used to be a Senior Advisor for Apple and this was by far the most common call. First, migrating to a new Apple ID can be difficult, but you can do it. To make sure all future purchases ask for your new Apple ID, go to Settings > iTunes & App Store and then select your Apple ...


An App Preview is an optional short video demonstrating your app. Your app may have one App Preview per device. The specifications for App Previews are given in App Preview Properties. Source: developer.apple.com

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