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You can set and change your price at any time. You can set price changes immediately, or scheduled ahead of time. You can choose which price from a range of tiers provided by Apple. eg. 99c, 1.99, 4.99, etc. You can't yourself choose 49c or $2.68, or any arbitrary value. See: Changing Product Pricing Scheduling Price Tier Changes Pricing Tier Matrix


TL;DR: keep the one that looks like a bag, it now a universal app. The cart one was the iPad specific one. Looks like the one of the left (with the shopping cart icon) is the old one. Launching it now directs me to the new one, but it didn't when I was trying to figure this out before. Here's what I get when launching the old one now. EDIT-20140917: It ...


Updates are generally processed faster than the first submission of an app for review, but not drastically faster. It's usually around a day shorter (5 days) compared with the average 6 or 7 days for a first submission. Note that iOS 8 has caused an increase in submissions and a consequential increase in review times; Apple may be prioritising updates more ...


Unless your App has; an un-announced hidden mode (tethering for example), or use any one else's IP - there is little likelihood of you being terminated for good faith App submission. Common reasons for rejection are now listed here; https://developer.apple.com/app-store/review/rejections/ If you are being rejected for these reasons, then you can rest ...


I'm assuming you are talking about iTunes. If so, Appple support has details on how to configure your account with no associated payment method: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT2534


I have the same problem with the otherwise very useful Mac app 'Memory Clean.' It uses push notifications (on the Mac) to advertise the developer's other products. Furthermore, in System Preferences, Memory Clean doesn't even show up in the list of apps that are sending notifications — which means there's no way to stop it from doing so. This is a ...


This is indeed possible. If the generic app of yours won't change in any aspect (logic nor interface) between the different customers, you could just use different Targets in Xcode. In each Target you'll be able to set different names and use different Provisioning Profiles to publish the App. In the same way, if all the Provisioning Profiles you'd be ...


I have upgraded and do not need the option. The option is not forced upon me. Under the iCloud settings there is a choice to turn it on.


Unfortunately not—there is no way to know that without jailbreaking.


64-bit is slowly becoming a strong recommendation. For example, the in-app bluetooth picker functionality is only supported on 64-bit devices when running a 64-bit binary. So if you want to use the in-app bluetooth picker, you must build for both 32-bit and 64-bit. Note that this bluetooth picker functionality is not new. It works just fine on 32-bit ...


Some games communicate with their backend server un-encrypted, in plain text. If you route the traffic through a proxy like OWASP ZAP or Burp you can see and manipulate the traffic. I have seen games that send the answers with the question to the iPhone. In this scenario I could highlight the correct answers. As a result you can always score 100%. Other ...

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