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I had 3 app's in my update page of my iphone6, but nothing would happen when I attempted to update them. Apparently the page was not requesting sign-in information and restarts wouldn't fix it. What eventually worked was to go to a page in the app store that required a sign-in, like wish-list, then sign-in on the update page. This last step had no effect ...


Taken from the privacy file displayed when turning Siri on - off. You may choose to turn off Siri or Dictation at any time. To turn off Siri, open Settings on your iOS device, tap General, tap Siri, and slide the Siri switch to “off”. To turn off Dictation, open Settings, tap General, tap Keyboard, and slide the Enable Dictation switch to “off”. If you ...


The only solution I found so far is a Chinese software called "Tungbu". Unlike Itunes it provides a simple solution to download voices memos with their titles (their title should probably not be too long).


As of iOS 8, this is built-in. Settings => General => Usage => Battery Usage. The top section shows overall usage, the bottom section breaks it down by app. You can see last 24 hrs or last 7 days.

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