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Well, looks like it was a problem in the profile. I was able to successfully deployed app to the old iPod Touch in this configuration.


If you scroll up and down consistently in the sidebar (where all the convos are held) for a while it usually tends to send and receive. At first it might only do one side of the messages, but keep scrolling up and down and it will eventually all be there. Takes less than 15 seconds at most.


I found one that, at least at first impression, repeats its notifications until you acknowledge it, and, as I personally require, can have reminders created via Siri (via scooping them out of the stock reminders app). It's called "Alarmed". The only thing that annoys me so far, is when you accidentally check an item as completed, there are multiple steps ...


Unfortunately, as far as I know (and that is usually enough ;), you can not change the default app that opens the RSS feed. Personally I use the Downcast podcast app, to add the rss feeds from Safari to my Downcast app is as follows: Go to the specific website and find you URL Press and hold the rss-link you are interested in Choose Copy Now go to your RSS ...

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