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I eventually updated and checked myself, and the answer to my question yes: even if you don't update to iCloud Drive, iCal keeps working and syncs on your devices connected to the old iCloud.


This problem might be you have an old iPhone. The first version of the iOS for iPhone 3GS is 3. I think you should downgrade.


No. Erase all content and settings keeps your current iOS. As long as you don't use an iCloud backup from a device with a newer iOS version you will be fine.


You cannot reset your phone, or it will need you to change to latest iOS 8. Apple doesn't sign old iOS versions which means it's impossible to restore an old iOS version. If you want to just wipe the texts and contacts, that's an easier task. If you have ever synced your iPhone with iTunes, you just need to sync it in the following fashion: if you ...

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