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I'm not sure if the Photo's app on Yosemite works on iOS 5. What you can do is connect the iPhone to your mac and fire up the Photo's app. Then select the photo's you want and drag them a folder where you want them saved. If Photo's does not work, you could update the iPhone to the latest iOS version to use the Photo's app on OS X Yosemite. When you to ...


Two options come to mind: set up email on the iPhone and mail the photos to yourself (might be kind of cumbersome with iOS 5 though) install any third party app allowing photo upload (e.g. Dropbox or Flickr) on the iPhone and upload all photos to it


If the photos were put on to the phone by syncing them from iTunes, and/or the photos are not in the "camera roll", you won't be able to import them conventionally. If you get the photos into the camera roll you should be able to import them. https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201302 Also give the photos app a try instead of image capture (the OSX photos ...


The steps above are accurate, but only if your phone has allowed your mac as a device (see image below). So connect to your wifi on your phone and follow the steps below. Then your mac will provide your phone number as an option where you can be reached for messages (as the answer above depicts). Thankfully this thread helped me to figure out that the ...


I have active speakers without volume controls and stream via bluetooth. The only way I have found to reduce the minimum volume is to get the Denon Audio app (free), then purchase the in app equaliser (£1.49), set the eq to flat and reduce all frequencies. This can be saved as a custom setting. I've tried the volume app and other EQs - they don't work.

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