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I found that the easy way to circumvent the auto-connection to other networks is to choose the Create Network... option that appears at the bottom of the WiFi drop-down. Who knew.


It is likely that you just need to delete one of the connections in Network Preferences. Go to System Preferences > Network You will likely have a list of connections on the left, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, etc. One of them is likely the connection above. Click on each of them, in turn till you find the one that corresponds to the connection in your question. Click ...


In Virtual box try changing the connection mode to NAT instead of Bridge. If NAT works than there is some issue with DHCP Server or Router that assigns the IP address to your network.


After lots of fumbling I discovered that the wifi speed is inversely proportional to the CPU temperatures. I installed TG Pro and found that, without altering the internal fan speed or using external cooling, the CPU's would approach 200 F after about 30 min of on time. With TG Pro I was able to increase the internal fan speed (from the built in speed of ...

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