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Try it with a different internet connection.


Yes, you can, although if you can connect your computer to wifi, it seems like you can connect your iPhone to wifi. The standard way to install apps on an iPhone is to connect it to wifi. However, assuming that isn't possible for you, it is easy to install via iTunes. For more information: Install Apps Via iTunes OS X Daily Article


You can try nettop(1) in the Terminal. It is pre-installed, and refreshes every few seconds to provide a dashboard of all open network connections with their usage. Better than lsof since it shows the usage data too. $ nettop Then hit 'd' and look for odd-looking entries or entries with consistently large traffic in the 'bytes in' or 'bytes out' column. ...


To fix your Mac, you have to boot onto the Recovery HD, then download the software.


You will want to try changing your network adapter settings, under advanced settings/Ethernet. Configure it manually and speed to autoselect. This fixed the our network issues where our mac was killing our home network. Cheers


You do realize that there is currently no Driver for the Huawei EC1261 (Tata Photon Plus) USB Modem released for Yosemite. The highest I can find is for MAC OS 10.6 Snow Leopard.


You can use Network Link Conditioner. You will want to ignore the testing settings. Make a Custom Profile and set to have no packets dropped and no delay. Start with uplink and downlink at 2.45 Mbps each and see if you need lower limits to prevent disconnects. It is a free download in Xcode (go to Xcode → Open Developer Tool → More Developer Tools… and ...

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