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I had to reinstall Yosemite. Able to connect properly now.


Try resetting on iOS then create new apple I.D. Use an email address and use a different password.


There are some absolutly free tools you can use to look what is going on. Use the Terminal app located in your Utility folder. Copy/Paste following: sudo lsof -i -n -P | grep TCP It will ask for your Password, and show you which apps are using your Internet. If you want to monitor it in real time use Netttop in Terminal. It will automatically ...


The easiest (and cheapest) way is to check the data usage through Activity Monitor. Just type in the name in Spotlight to launch it, and navigate to the Network tab. You can sort by bytes sent/received, though I think you'll have to keep it running to get historical data by app (otherwise shows only total data sent/received). For a complete solution, where ...


open network preferences and: verify Ip verify gateway verify dns -- your either static or dynamic. static; you put the info in, dynamic your network/router/gateway provides the correct ip info. open terminal and type ifconfig -a that will show you your interfaces. One of these is your primary route. your can only have one default gateway. even ...


Make sure in System Preferences > Spotlight, that you have checked the Bing Web Searches checkbox under the Search Results tab:


I had a similar problem and in my case it seems to be caused by Tunnelblick, even when VPN was not connected. I uninstalled it (with the uninstaller, not just drag to Trash) and problem went away.


You could change permissions for Safari. Open the information window on Safari (from the Finder window, with the Safari application selected, push command+I or right-click), add the desired user, and set permissions to no access.


Just open the terminal and type: cd /Applications sudo rm -R -f Safari.app It will ask for your password and proceed to delete Safari from the system. You may want to backup the app before.

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