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YES! You can either make a Genius Bar appointment or you can do a walk-in. If you do a walk-in for the genius bar you may have to wait a bit, but they will do it for free. The instillation may take a little while, so plan on having some free time and a good book (or movie or something - there's free in-store wifi). Each store typically has good internet and ...


I have accidently whipped my hard-drive clean and when I tried both command+option+R & command+R I found my recovery drive had been damaged as well and internet recovery would not complete (I do not remember the error I received). I was able to get the OS reinstalled at the Apple Store for free. I think your only problem might be getting 'walk-in' ...


On startup hold Command+Option+R. You can now use Internet Recovery to install OS X. Don't download from shady sites. You are compromising your security this way.


I had to download one for El Capitan from a shady website. Eeek. I would not trust that, personally. Do you have access to a good internet connection? If so, you can use OS X Internet Recovery to install a fresh version of Mac OS X via your internet connection, directly from Apple.


If you can boot normally into OS X then create an OS X USB Installer. See, Create a bootable installer for OS X (quoted below) or if not see, How to reinstall OS X. Use the 'createinstallmedia' command in Terminal Download the OS X installer from the Mac App Store. Quit the installer if it opens automatically after downloading. The installer ...

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