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I do not know if you found your answer regarding your question but you need to change the settings of your iPad Settings > Language & Region > Region To chose the region that you need/want to get the news feeds from. That should do the trick


If you select German as installation language your OS X installation and UI will be in German. You can always your change your system (UI) and input language or use multiple languages at the same time. It doesn't matter where you buy your Mac. However please note, a German MacBook will include a German keyboard. Some local stores also sell english keyboards ...


This is actually an OS X issue and not a Pages issue since Pages uses the system dictionaries. You can use this support article to find the answer: You will see that Romanian spelling dictionary isn't something that ships with 10.11 - but you can add custom dictionaries under the spell check multiple ...


Localization on OS X and the App Store you are using are two different things. Localization is done on User Account level, meaning you can define the language, the date format etc. individually for each user on your Mac The App Store is tied to the Apple ID used, so the Store you use is the one the Apple ID is connected with. You can't switch stores within ...

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