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Yes it is. If you quit the installer when it starts, it will shut down the computer, and next time it starts up it will run the installer from the start again.


WhatsApp does not support the iPod touch (or other Wi-Fi only devices). For more information, please see: http://www.whatsapp.com/faq/en/general/20951556 WhatsApp is supported on most Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, Nokia, and Windows smartphones. Other devices are not supported at this time. If you try to download WhatsApp on an unsupported ...


You can refer to this bugreport: https://github.com/zeromq/zproto/issues/61 If you want to be able to build with those checks not failing, refer to that bugreport to see when a patch is made. In the meantime, you either have to live without the functionality that fails, or fix the bug yourself.


WhatsApp Messenger is currently not optimised for iPad, and therefore you will need to search for iPhone apps in the App Store search using the filter at the top.


Do you have a Mavericks recovery partition? Or is Internet Recovery your only option? From OS X: About OS X Recovery If you use the Recovery System stored on your startup disk to reinstall OS X, it installs the most recent version of OS X previously installed on this computer. If you use Internet Recovery to reinstall OS X, it installs the version of OS X ...


If you used installed OS X on your SSD from a bootable hard drive partition that was cloned from an install DVD, nothing else residing on your hard drive will be copied over without you knowing about it. The only time user data is copied over onto a new drive is when transferring from a Time Machine volume or a disk in Thunderbolt/Firewire Target mode - ...

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