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Ken Burns is between the toolbar & output picture [I don't really use iMovie, but that's where I would expect it to be from using Final Cut] I'm not sure which 'adjust' tool you mean.


i am having the same problem as well. i have now figured out that it is because of a software update/adobe flash player being opened incorrectly. have you ever heard of putlocker or have you watched anything on an illegal website-this tends to open ads which give you cookies which lead to the opening of software that you don't need and especially don't want. ...


You can still launch it by viewing package contents in Finder and then launching it from: Contents > MacOS > iMovie HD


So I did the test with iMovie 10 It shows following files associated with it: Since Apple changed iMovie & Garageband significantly, it does not automatically uninstall the older version because there are still some people who want to stick with the older one. If you tried and liked the new one, you can simply put the older version in trash.


For exporting: Once you have created an App Preview project in iMovie (see kokernutz's answer) and finished your movie, you can export from the share menu as shown in this screenshot: For some reason the app preview option only showed up when my focus was on the timeline (in other words, if you don't see it, click somewhere on the timeline for your ...


I checked on my iMovie and it seams like you can only import video from iCloud Drive and the tab you are in will only accept video files, that's why the image file is greyed out. To use that image in you iMovie project I recommend that you save the image to your local Camera Roll from iCloud Drive and then import it to iMovie. You can save the image file ...

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