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I finally resolved this by using iTunes Sync to add photos to an album in iPhone. It is only slightly different as my photos went back to a separate album, not Camera Roll but that’s okay. I noticed that the location name was restored and since it syncs Videos too, I’m sure slow-mo videos would work the way they should. Also, latest Quicktime player on Mac ...


If it's the only event in a project, you can't delete it, because you can't delete the last event in a project, regardless of how many events you have in other projects. Instead, delete the entire project.


I'm not familiar with Windows but it seems that this may work. If you have the iCloud Control Panel installed you should navigate to your Pictures folder and open the Photo Stream folder. In here you can paste your photos into the Uploads folder and they will automatically sync to your iPhone. Videos cannot be synced through this method, however they can be ...


--here's an applescript to copy/paste that might work (unless I misunderstood the question...) display dialog "would you like to open imovie?" tell application "finder" open "imovie" end tell --p.s. I havn't tested this, so i'm not sure whether it will work


The iMovie Library file is actually a folder… Right click it & 'Show Package Contents' Then the original file is inside [movie name] > Original Media You can drag a copy out to any other location. Keep the original in place, or iMovie will lose it.


Here is a script by maeks84 which does the same for iPhoto that might help you with accomplishing the same for iMovie (need to post as answer due to the length). Code inserted in case it ever goes down.. --maeks84@gmail.com --http://maeks84.wordpress.com property libraryPath : "Macintosh HD:Users:Path:to:iPhoto Library" --Determine if iPhoto is open and ...

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