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Following the instructions on Apple's Deregister iMessage should help you resolve this issue.


iMessages don't go through your cell phone provider so they don't necessarily know about them. iMessages go through your network connection so to your provider they look just like any other network/internet/browser traffic. If your text messages were from Apple device to Apple device (using iMessage for both sides), it's not going to show up on the ...


Am I missing something obvious here or can you just use FaceTime Audio? Obviously it won't work if you use the keypad, but you can call from anywhere you have their contact card (Contacts, Phone, Messages, FaceTime, even Mail...) You did say both parties have iDevices, right?


I don't know of any way to force a call to use data instead of cellular minutes, or everyone would be doing it. One option you have is to enable Wi-Fi calling. If you are logged into a wi-fi network, you can make calls using the wi-fi. Go to Settings > Phone > Calls: Wi-Fi Calling and switch it to ON. Not every carrier allows this, so if the setting isn't ...

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