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This problem is reported so often that it is likely there are multiple causes. But after many months of putting up with this exact issue, here is what worked for me: Mail => Preferences => General => Check for new messages The default setting is Automatically Change this to Every 5 minutes I imagine anything will work except "Automatically". My guess ...


i took away the IMAP prefix in settings : left it blank and now it works again.


You are most likely not sending the message twice, but are seeing the sent message in mail, and then again from the server. If you uncheck the "store messages on the server" box under mailbox behaviors, you will only be saving the sent messages to mail.


I recently tested Mail in a new User account to find all the files that are modified after adding an account to Mail. These following files contain account info. I can't say with certainty that you will need to reset all files in order to reset your account. Remember to log out/in and empty the trash before resetting. Make sure you have backup if needed. ...

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