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Your iCloud storage is how much data you can keep online, in the cloud. This is variable, depending on how much you pay, for what you need. Your first 5GB is free. The iPhone itself has a fixed hardware memory, or RAM, which can only be chosen when you buy it, in 8, 16, 32 or 64 GB configurations. The total you see in Settings > General > Storage will never ...


Apple did not write a web application to access books via a web browser, so you can't access your iBooks via iCloud.com. Access to that data is only possible on a Mac or an iDevice with the iBooks application. It might be an interesting feature though. You can submit feature requests to Apple using the feedback form on apple.com.


I had the same issue before. After some experiment, here is what I have found working: Go to Setting > Mail,Contacts,Calendars > Fetch New Data > iCloud > Select "Push" (if you select "Fetch", the iPhone changes will supersede changes made on iCloud. It is up to individual preference) After "Push" is selected, you may make all the changes you want to ...

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