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Yes you can. Set up the primary ID as your gmail and secondary as an iCloud account


"Download and keep all originals" is the correct setting to get all your photos onto your Mac. These originals are stored in Photos Library.photoslibrary, you can check the exact location of your library by launching the photos app while pressing option. You can also check for syncing problems by creating a smart album, looking for files failed to sync. ...


If your using iCloud Photo Library your photos aren't part of your iCloud device backup, because the photos are stored in iCloud anyway. The only chance to get it back is via a Mac, that downloaded the library via and to check it's backups.


In regards to the question about whether the phone is on or not, it is either on (but has no internet connection), or is completely dead/switched off. Find My iPhone is certainly on because if you didn't switch it on, or if it was turned off after setup of the device, it would not appear at all in the Find My iPhone app or on iCloud. Find My iPhone does ...

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