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If you have two iOS devices, I would compare the Settings - iCloud - Storage - Manage Storage screens to ensure both agree. One device can get stale or cached data. If you don't have two, restart your device to check that it's updated. If so, you will then want to go to on a computer and verify the number there. The web app allows you to clean or ...


Yes! Simply create a second user: Add a user In Users & Groups preferences, click Add (+) below the list of users. Choose the type of user you want to create from the New Account pop-up menu. Type a full name for the new user. ... Enter a password for the user, then enter it again to verify. ... Click Create User. Source


The service-less iPhone will receive iMessages (and other notifications for other apps that register push notifications) while on Wi-Fi. You can remove the device from your iCloud account or unregister it from the iMessage and FaceTime services if you don't want this behavior.


I have a similar problem. The best solution for me was to forward the mail from the old Apple ID to the new Apple ID. This way you can migrate over time to the new Apple ID. Log in in using your old Apple ID. Open Mail. Click Actions (cog in bottom-left) and choose Preferences. Select Forward my email to and enter your new Apple ID. Click Done....


No - if you really have two different AppleID each with different @icloud/@me/@mac addressed - they cannot be merged or swapped one for the other. If you just want to use the to log in to one AppleID that's also known by a different email address - you can do that easily by changing the username on each device. See Apple ID - Want to make my xxx@...


If you want it right now, why not plug the phone into the Mac & use Image Capture, in the Applications folder - which is the importer 'behind' You can also set it to auto-launch any capable app, including itself, when a device is connected [or do nothing] & set exactly where your imports should be saved. You can also dictate whether it ...

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