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Remove notification alerts please help this notification remove it.help me how to remove this alert.


Why not take the last 9 years of calendar entries, export them as an iCal Archive, then create a new calendar, import those entries, but do not sync to iCal. You can then delete those entries from your daily calendar, while maintaining history in your archive calendar. You can sync this archive calendar to your iPhone via iTunes, rather than iCloud. Of ...


AFAIK, you cannot delete the Holiday Calender on your iOS device. However, you can hide it via Calender app. In the Calendar app, tap Calendars in the bottom center and uncheck the Holiday calendar. And, here's how you can add Austrian holidays to your iPhone and iPad calender: Go to Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendars Now, tap on Add Account Scroll down ...


In the end, I created a new calendar specifically to move event invites to, which I don't want to see anymore. Then I hide that calendar.


I had one calendar entry that was a problem. I created a new calendar. Changed the entry to that Calendar and then deleted the calendar. Issue fixed.


Managed to confirm this with a few admins in NZ/Aus. The Show Holiday Calendar is on and for users in NZ there doesn't seem to be a NZ Holiday calendar so we are getting results such as Hong Kong, Canada and Mexico... Users in Australia are seeing the correct Australia Holidays calendar. However we aren't exactly sure what triggered the calendars to show ...

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