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iCal is just the old name for what is currently Apple's main "Calendar" application (referenced here). They are exactly the same thing, Apple just rebranded iCal a few years ago. That being said, there is a relatively easy (albeit lengthy) way to go about putting an Excel file into the Calendar app. Essentially you have to export the Excel document as a ...


The badge is notifying you of a Calendar notification. There are two cases which causes a badge: You've been invited to an event. An event on one of your shared calendars has been modified. To clear the badge, open Calendar and click Notifications on the toolbar, then take action on the notification by selecting Accept/Decline/Maybe on an invitation or ...


I have "CalenGoo" on my iPad -- and there's a drag and copy feature which I find indispensable!! It syncs with Google Calendar (which was why I got in the first place years ago) -- I think they have an iPhone version too, although I like how it works better on my iPad. Check it out.

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