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It can't be done since Apple doesn't think that's something anyone would ever need to do. Maybe it's time for Apple to invest a few cycles in updating iCal, Contacts and Email - they haven't been updated in a decade.


You can try launching "SelfControl" in the background, then hiding it (although, simply launching in the background may be enough in your case). The idea is to hide the application once a window appears, indicating the launch process is mostly done, and the application can be hidden (which takes a few seconds. I generally shy away from using arbitrary delays ...


Try http://www.hashtagtodo.com Integrates to-do functionality within Google Calendar events. Works anywhere you already view your calendar (browser or any client).


It's really weird, i tried all of these methods, but it did not help me. I continue search, and find funny answer https://discussions.apple.com/message/26990123#26990123 And it's work! I delete google account from the Internet Accounts in System Preferences, doing relogin, connect to different wifi connection, and setup google account again. And it works, ...

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