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Known bug on Apple's Bug Radar as Bug # 19639311 https://discussions.apple.com/thread/6803599 qlmanage -t produces a small thumbnail of the HMTL file qlmanage -p just gives me a blank quicklook preview This doesn't happen with a .jpg file I used as a control sample


You can clear the quicklook cache by entering this in terminal: qlmanage -r qlmanage -r cache I have the same problem after updating, but clearing cache doesn't seem to help.


The app is called LinCastor. (It can also be installed with homebrew cask if you have it.) First click "add new scheme" in the bottom left of the main window, then change the title to whatever you like and the "scheme(s)" to x-applescript-runner. Change the "handler" below from AppleScript to Shell, and paste this code in: #!/usr/bin/env python ...

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