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You can download the source code for namei from SourceForge. To compile, you need to delete the #include <sys/sysmacros.h> line from stat.c, then run make.


homebrew requires additional installs before you can proceed: either Xcode or Xcode Command Line Tools. You can download Xcode (2.1 GB) via App or the Command Line Tools at Both require a valid Apple ID. The latest CLT release is: Command Line Tools (OS X Mountain Lion) for Xcode April 2014 direct link (~115 MB). In later ...


It turns out the problem was not with Vim 7.4, Homebrew, Macs, or any combination of the 3. Just my brain. I was used to vi pointing to the vim that I want, but in my case vim points to the Homebrewed version and vi points to the version originally on my Mac, which was Vim 7.3. I usually use vi and vim interchangeably and that shot me in the foot here. I ...


Had the pleasure of attempting this on a fresh install of El Capitan this morning. I wanted both the GUI and command line interface. Unfortunately, it seems that the sanest solution was to install two versions, one from brew (for CLI) and the other from brew-cask (for GUI). $ brew search inkscape homebrew/gui/inkscape Caskroom/cask/inkscape $ brew cask ...


Yes you should remove them. Package managers will complain if there are files installed in the area they manage. So with Homebrew only Homebrew installed files should be in /usr/local In this case I would guess from the names the first is definitely from Sidesync but the second could also be used by others


brew link --overwrite imagemagick repeat it for each and it will solve the issue


I find the best way to install Node.js is to use nvm, which allows you to install and manage multiple versions of Node. I use Homebrew for pretty much everything else, but Node is easier to use through nvm, since it doesn't use global folders - everything is in your home directory, and you can easily switch between Node versions. To install (check the ...

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