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I have built just such a device using a Raspberry Pi and separate DAC from Hifiberry.com (the built-in Pi soundcard is notoriously bad). In terms of software, I'm running the Raspbian distro, along with forked-daapd which is an iTunes-compatible music server - I rsynced the ~/Music/iTunes/iTunes Music folder from my Mac over to the forked-daapd folder on ...


You have to fulfill 3 prerequisites: 1- WiFi has to be on 2- The power plug has to be in (Charger) 3- You must be on same network


Home Sharing is a feature that became available in iTunes version 9. Home Sharing makes it easy to connect to the other iTunes libraries in your home network so you can stream and share--actually copy--music, movies, TV shows, apps, and ringtones. You can set it up in iTunes: NOTE: You might want to do this in iTunes preferences: To prevent iPods, ...


Your Home-sharing password is your Apple ID password. It should exist in your keychain: Type Keychain Access in Spotlight. It should appear in the drop down menu. Open it. Select your Login Keychain Type in iTunes Store Password in the search bar of Keychain access. Double click it and tick "Show Password" If this appears: Type in your user ...


It should be in the keychain, under the first 'login' keychain, searchable from the top right as 'iTunes'

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