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So I figured what was the problem. First of all its not family sharing but new Apple music which is in the cloud now and prevents from downloading songs from iTunes to your iPhone. So if you go to Settings --> Music and disable Show Apple music it restores the ability to transfer songs in old fashion from iTunes. See attached screenshot.


Home Sharing did allow you to easily import music from another computer on your family network. I've just gotten around to trying to import the library from my old MacBook running 10.6.6 with iTunes 10 to my newer MacBook running 10.10.4 with iTunes 12. The solution I found was to set up the folder containing my music on my old Mac as a shared network ...


The Apple TV should be connected with a mini USB cable to your laptop USB. Go here: http://www.howtogeek.com/214243/how-to-factory-reset-or-reboot-an-apple-tv/ and scroll down to "If Your Apple TV Will Not Boot" With laptop(and running iTunes) connected to Apple TV plug in the Apple TV to power. "If your Apple TV will not boot properly, or something has ...

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