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The default sleep mode used by Mac laptops is a hybrid between traditional sleep mode (suspend to RAM) and hibernation (suspend to disk): the contents of the RAM are saved to the disk, but the RAM is kept powered as well. Desktop Macs use traditional sleep mode (suspend to RAM) by default. See man pmset: SAFE SLEEP ARGUMENTS hibernatemode takes a ...


I have had good experiences with SmartSleep: http://www.jinx.de/SmartSleep.html For instance it will go to hibernation when the battery level goes below a certain percentage.


I think you are trying to find out what is draining the battery during the sleep. Macs are designed to use the sleep time to do some house cleaning and chores. The first 4 hours autopoweroffdelay 14400 seconds it will do nothing (energy saving regulations EC), then it will wake up to do its stuff. But based on this study under "normal" conditions ...

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