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Generally speaking, the MacBook Air has a MagSafe DC In board that also has an audio connector. It's very conceivable that there is a broken connection on this board that "fixes" itself when you put pressure on the headphone jack. Technically you could fix this, but it's probably simpler to just change this board out. If you provide me with your ...


Yes, a Bluetooth and/or a USB speaker will "override" your audio input. It all depends on how you configure it. In System Preferences > Sound, you can setup which audio device does what. For example, in my setup, I play all the "Sound Effects" through the Internal Speakers, however, I could select the USB Audio device I also have installed. For your case,...


New Mac Minis have "Mic In" ports, but you have to use the 4-conductor phone-type plug - the mic in is one of the contacts on the headphone-out plug. So in this case you'd need an adapter (like what you'd use to use the headset with an iPhone).


Bring "Bluetooth headset with multiple pairing version", Iphone's sim insert in to other mobile like "Nokia" etc., Now set call divert "if not answered" with 20 to 30 seconds mode, Then replace your sim in to iphone. Now Pair Bluetooth with Nokia & Iphone also, While riding bike if you get any call on Iphone, call will be ringing for your particular time ...

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