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Bring "Bluetooth headset with multiple pairing version", Iphone's sim insert in to other mobile like "Nokia" etc., Now set call divert "if not answered" with 20 to 30 seconds mode, Then replace your sim in to iphone. Now Pair Bluetooth with Nokia & Iphone also, While riding bike if you get any call on Iphone, call will be ringing for your particular time ...


back in 2006 In France, for example, all new iPods have limiting software inside the unit to govern the volume below 100 decibels -- the current models in the US can reach upwards of 125 decibels. I believe this is the same for phones


Yes you can do this by buying a bluetooth speaker and a pluggable microphone. I would recommend using Ultra Slim Bluetooth Speaker from as the bluetooth speaker (it is available for $50, pretty affordable). And I would recommend using Zoom iQ7 from as your microphone ($99.99). But in Zoom iQ7 there is a headphone ...


Try plugging in a headset and unplugging.


An aggregated device is intended to play the same audio on multiple devices. As you want to play different audio on multiple devices, I can recommend several methods. Use iTunes to play the video file on your Apple TV. You can choose the Apple TV as a playback device in iTunes, and stream the content to it without having to change your system audio device. ...

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