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Q20 worked like a charm on my wife's late 2009 iMac. Small squirt, barely pressed the nozzle, then plugged the earphones in and out a few time... and pop, the sound is back


Hope this helps some of you, what solved my issue was the following, Open Terminal type cd /Library/Preferences/Audio and press Enter type ls and press Enter you should see two files, com.apple.audio.DeviceSettings.plist and com.apple.audio.SystemSettings.plist type sudo rm com.apple.audio.DeviceSettings.plist and press Enter it will prompt you for your ...


First of all, I'll address the how to uninstall Soundflower problem: A number of people have run into problems uninstalling it in the past. The main problem seems to be that you have to reboot your machine after running the uninstaller but if that doesn't work for you try removing it from the Audio MIDI setup. Open Audio MIDI Setup in the utilities folder ...


Uninstall Soundflower. There should be an uninstaller located at: /Applications/Soundflower/Uninstall Soundflower.scpt Run it, enter your password, and reboot (very important). If it's not there, upgrade Soundflower first here. EDIT: You can set your default audo device by going to /Applications/Utilities and opening Audio MIDI Setup. Select the device ...


If you have a Macbook Pro with only one jack input (no separate inputs for microphone/headphones), try alt (option) clicking the Sound Menu in the menu bar and selecting "Use Audio port for" -> Input. This way the system will think that you want to use what's plugged in as microphone and not as headphones and you will be able to use the speakers once again. ...


Just pull the headphone jack from computer out a few times very quickly.


Sounds like most of solutions people have put forward didn't work for OP. But for the sake of any one finding this question by google, and suffering from a similar problem that I just had here's how I fixed it. The Cause I had set up a few screen sharing programs which did some pretty annoying stuff to the audio drivers, which required me to specify ...

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