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For that Mac, the thunderbolt port is a part of the motherboard (on the left, 3rd from the top): So unless you're able to source the parts, perform a package exchange that clearly is a machine solder and then test things, the most economical repair would be to exchange change the whole motherboard. As long as there is no physical damage inside, this would ...


While I'm sure it IS possible to just replace the thunderbolt port it would be labor intensive and a specialized procedure. So yes, this is a replace the entire logic board procedure. Apple DOES offer a flat rate repair service for out of warranty Macs though. They talk about it a little bit in their KB article - AppleCare Direct Mail-In Repair Serivce - ...


Yes, it does. See this article on ifixit.com for instance.


I've had similar experiences when stacking two MacBooks just the right way. I think it's the magnets being triggered, and the computer thinking it's been closed.


I have exactly the same problem with my MacBook (as I bought it in such a condition). I bought the screen from eBay. Its quite easy to fix if you follow the instructions on iFixit. You should consider buying only display, not the whole top assembly, as the prices really different. If your top cover is OK, you don't need to buy it, its possible just to change ...

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