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Just a guess here but it sounds like he wants to use an old MacBook as a glorified KVM. Now Server rack KVMs have a connector that goes to the Keyboard, Mouse and Video port of every server. To do something like this you would need a software controllable KVM switch as you cant plug all of those servers into your MacBook and switch between them without some ...


This is a bit of a loaded question. Though your title refers to Thunderbolt the question solely references display daisychaining, so that's the aspect I'll try to address. Hardware wise: Thunderbolt 1 Apple devices have the ability to daisy chain Thunderbolt Displays but it seems that this is an Apple derived solution as TB 1 uses the DisplayPort 1.1 spec ...


You want to connect two DVI monitors to one Thunderbolt port? Here you go: Mini Displayport to 2x DVI adapter offered by Matrox. Was searching for an adapter like this some months ago and this seems to be the best solution. I didn't tested it but it got 4 / 5 stars at Amazon. Maybe worth a try?

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