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I attempted to upgrade my late 2010 MacBook air with an SSD from OWC. The first one worked for 3-4 hours and then the system wouldn't recognize it. I RMA'd it. The system wouldn't even recognize the replacement. The original SSD continues to work fine.


I can warmly recommend you the Apple MacBook Air MD711LL/B Sure it has its price, but it's definitely worth it IMO.


This is based purely off of my personal experience, so don't treat it like the gospel, grain of salt, all that jazz. My Uncle recently repaired his iPhone screen with one of those $30 el-cheapo replacement screen assemblies only to have it fail days later. Based on this personal experience of mine, I'd say Tre Scaggs' answer is correct in that you have to ...


There should not be much difference based on the type of products they are. However quality wise you must do research ex: Reading reviews, googling the product, etc. I don't really have any recommendation but you can try the research it should help. Sometimes you gotta go with your gut, and you might also want to check out the return policy with Amazon ...

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