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The Moshi Versa origami case is great. It has a hard plastic back case and a thin cover that folds to allow the iPad to stand vertically (for portrait viewing, ideal for reading books) or horizontally (for landscape viewing, ideal for watching video). It also folds to make a 40 degree angle for typing.


First thing I would like to comment on is "just reliable back-up of specific files." and you asking about Drobo RAID. RAID is not a BACKUP, RAID protects you against a physical drive failure, it doesn't protect against deletion, corruption, overwrites, etc. Just copying your files to a system with RAID (i.e. Drobo) isn't backing them up, it is just making a ...


You might check out Transporter. It lets you attach a usb hard drive (or comes with one built in if you get that option) to your network and gives you a "private cloud" to store your files. Think of it as a Dropbox or Box like solution where you control the physical storage. They even let you connect them so if you have friends or family out of state you can ...


Agree. SSD upgrade will make everything you do on that laptop faster. More memory will only kick in as a boost from time to time. If you do a lot of compiling, all those little include files will hit the SSD sweet spot and you'll feel like you have a new computer.


I would go with the SSD. First you can check to see how much benefit you would get from upgrading the RAM. You can look at the Activity Monitor.app memory section. The last several versions of Mac OS X have a graph describing "Memory Pressure", which is a way of describing how hard you are pushing the RAM. The OS will naturally try to make use of ALL of the ...

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