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Laptops are designed to be able to handle high internal temperatures and the fact that the body heats up and the fans come on when performing processor-intensive tasks is not a problem (in fact, it's by design). That said, due to limited space the internal fans are tiny and high RPM, making them quite noisy and possibly quite annoying (depending of course on ...


Sizing RAM and HD space is always been "get more than you think you need and all that you can afford." but realistically 8GB should work (like FFrewin indicates in excellent detail) but depends on your usage patterns. So it's really hard to answer. "Mr Lincoln, how long should a Man's legs be?" "Long enough to reach from his body to the ground"


According to Visual Studio's system requirements, it requires 1.5GB when in VM. Usually you will assign a max of 4GB on the windows VM which should be sufficient for a satisfactory operation of Windows inside the VM with the Visual Studio. In this case there will be 4GB left for the hosting OS. Which usually is again adequate. Also, Yosemite does a ...


I concur with your observations. I was ready to toss this 2008 dual 2.8 Quad Core machine as it seemed deathly slow compared to my PC. As a last ditch effort to save it I upgraded to Yosemite, threw in 12 GB of 800MHz DDR2 Ram, a 500 GB Samsung SSD boot disk, and an nVidia GeForce GTX770 which I bought on eBay. The machine once again rocks. I couldn't be ...

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