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WD My Cloud EX2 12 TB: Pre-configured Network Attached Storage featuring WD Red Drives: $662.5 or $56/TB I put together a comparison here: http://forum.railsonmaui.com/t/best-way-to-backup-large-external-hard-drives/305. Based on reading many of the numerous reviews, the WD gets the job done at a very competitive price point with few disadvantages. I'm ...


It depends on what you / your girlfriend wants to do with the iMac. If it is really just used for internet and occasionally watching a movie and listening to music, then an 'entry level' iMac offers more than enough performance. IMHO even an iPad would provide enough performance… We actually use our 5+yr old iMac (Intel Core 2 Duo, 2.66GHz) as a media hub ...


If you can, your best option is to wait until October, when the new Macs come out, but if you can't, I'd go with the 2.5GHz. That extra power will be good if you intend to keep this MacBook around for a few years.


Make One See my answer on a similar Question. Boost your laptop with a Roost, and add a 4" fan from BestBuy.

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