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Just let it sit - I have the same EXACT situation and while I was researching online, it just "popped up" and was available. It seemed like my good computer was trying to fix the bad computer first, before it mounted as ext hd. Hope this helps.


I can speak from experience - I've got a 32GB USB drive, 8GB of which are a Yosemite installer and 24GB of which are normal storage. It works perfectly!


You could do worse than to try dupeGuru, available from Hardcoded Software, I've had very good results with it. It presents numerous options for fine-tuning your search and will perform byte-checking comparisons. In addition to the standard dupeGuru there is a music edition as well as a picture edition for more specific media searches. It's free so give it ...


The only conclusion I can draw at this moment is that OS X Yosemite does not support hard drives larger than 2TB. Very wrong. Yosemite supports drives up to 8EB (exabytes. Or 8 million terabytes. You could download the internet with some room left over). What it has problems with is proprietary file formats from other companies, esp. if the patent ...

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