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It is possible to create a Logical Volume Group spanning over more than two disks. I doubt that it will differentiate between fast and slow HDD. The SSD part should work though. To accomplish this put all drives in your iMac and boot to a Mavericks or Yosemite bootable installer thumb drive. Partition all drives as simple volumes with Disk Utility. Then ...


If the hard drive is not encrypted, then it's not at all secure! Basically anybody can take the hard disk, put it into an external enclosure and connect it to another Mac to read all files on the disk.


Bad drive cable I finally took this to an apple store, and the techs diagnosed it as a bad drive cable - a common problem for Macbooks from that year, they said. With a new cable, the Recovery Mode installation worked, the El Capitan upgrade worked, and the machine has been running smoothly for a week.

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