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Try cleaning the dust bunnies out of the video card. After months of making me crazy I think I tracked it down to dust blocking the heat sink channels on my video card. I was blaming my freezed on Flash, but I realize that was working my video card just hard enough it got hot and quit. Haven't had a freeze in days.


I would use opensnoop to figure out what it's doing when it hangs. I've used the following command to watch a process and log the results to my desktop while watching the results live. Once your figure out which file it's hanging on, you might be able to determine what the next step should be. ps aux | grep -i Photoshop | head -n 1 | col | cut -f 2 | ...


High memory usage is not a reason for a machine to randomly restart, but if you say the memory usage has an effect on the frequency of it happening, the issue might be a defective RAM. There are several tools to test your RAM, a free example would be MemTest86.


I ran into a similar issue a while back. You will need to diagnose the video card with a diagnostic utility 1) Download, burn, and boot Ultimate Boot CD. There are a number of video utilities you can run that will test out your video card for you. Since you are no longer booting OS X when you boot this CD, you are bypassing any software issues you may ...


To solve this, I figured that it must be something in my ongoing software that I use in the background that I hadn’t taken into account. I ran Activity Monitor, clicked on CPU and the %CPU column and discovered the culprit: MagicJack. I had never noticed before was the INSANE amount of System resources it gobbles up. In terms of %CPU the mjdev and the ...


Bring it into your nearest Apple Store or Apple Authorized Service Provider and they can run a VST (AST Video System Test). That specific MBPr model is eligible for a repair program right now, so you'll get a free Logic Board replacement if it fails the VST test. Here is the Apple Support page with the information.

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