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If you want to EFI boot the installer you need to flash your firmware from MacPro4,1 to MacPro5,1. Create an installer like mentioned here without any bootmgr files to force an EFI boot. Remove all disks from Mac Pro to avoid further trouble with Mac EFI looking for MBR or protected MBR. EFI boot your installer. Be sure to clean the unneeded Bootcamp ...


You need a bit of introduction to understand what SecTaskLoadEntitlements really is/does: An application (.app) in OS X is really a folder containing a number of files, including the actual program, resources (graphics, sounds, etc) as well as system files such as plist files. One of these plist files contains a descriptions of the application's ...


Last month I experienced something similar. I launched the Disk Utilities to test the hard drive, and the "S.M.A.R.T. state" warned me about critical failures. My guess: the system hanged up when it tried to reach files written on bad parts of the hard drive. I changed the hard drive.

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