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If you install the OS X version of XScreenSaver, the phosphor saver simulates an old phosphorous terminal display. It can be configured to run any command in the terminal display, including top: I find the settings -scale 2 -delay 40 -program top work quite well, and look quite "hackerish".


The LookThrough screensaver does nearly what you are looking for on Mavericks. It permits to maintain your Mac correctly secured when at the same time you maintain on screen the actual output of a top command. The output on screen won't be exactly a synchronous copy of what would be on screen without the screen saver. This output will be an asynchronous ...


If you want to save some computer memory and maybe cpu usage, here's a way to record the "hackerish" output from your Top command and use it as your screensaver. The downside of this approach is that the sreensaver will notbe able to show any live Top data. If a live output is important, than Alex's answer is probably the best solution (excluding of course ...


If you're looking for hackerish screensavers, the old Xscreensaver bundle was converted to OSX a while ago. Nicely hacker type examples would be Sonar, AppleII, and Phosphor. Possible GLMatrix too. However, to answer your question: http://superuser.com/questions/420546/osx-run-bash-or-app-as-the-screensaver Write an applescript to run Terminal, run Top, ...

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