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The average 12 character password will take 6 billion years to brute-force at 100,000 passwords per second. WolframAlpha "password of 12 characters" Allowing special characters brings this to around 150 billion years. WolframAlpha "password of 12 characters" with password rules For more information, see Security.SE: How long would it take to brute ...


Does this occur at all times, even after restarts and for other users, too? To test, please logout and then login to the account on which this artifact appears. Alternatively, restart the Mac; or shutdown and boot it up. All too often, small artifacts like this persist only in the current login session and will disappear when the user logs in again, or the ...


Steps to evaluate where it comes from. Switch User to see if it is user specific Restore Disk permissions. Start in Safe mode to eliminate 3d party applications It looks like it is a left over from some app that did not close properly, next time if it happens remember what app you just closed. If problem persists, use Apple Hardware Test.

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