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Q1: Yes, it looks like someone entered your Apple ID and password. I don't think there's any other situation where this type of dialog would be triggered. Q2: You did the right thing in immediately changing your password. There's nothing you can do to get more info on who is using your ID, you did everything I would've suggested. My only remaining advice ...


If your friend have something like family documents which can prove the relationship between him and his passed one, then try to contact Apple for solution. They do solve sort of situations like this :)


If they got an other MBP and a firewire cable, they can boot the locked MPB on target mode (by pressing t while booting) and save all the data (the target MBP will appear as a folder on the other one. If they are afraid of loosing data, they can run a recovery data software like wondershare data recovery (that should recover everything even deleted file).

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