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I had problems with the terrible export quality of imovie. The only thing I have found that works is to export to iTunes. This gives great quality but will be an mov file. Then you just drag out of iTunes onto your desktop and use any number of programs to convert it to what you like (handbrake?). Mov files are fine for my use. Glad I figured this out and ...


I think i've finally found the reason why it's been doing this. Every time you click the item it generates a preview the very moment you click down on the item. during the period that your mouse is clicked down it runs it's image anti-aliasing algorithms to create the preview. I've noticed when i click on the item as fast as i can (ensure that i release the ...


It does allow you to retrieve the image if that is what you want. Also once you drag it to your desktop you'll know the filename and then you can use Spotlight to search for the original copy, thus finding the location that you stored it in.


Anyone still looking for an answer to this please see this youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=htT-5y3zyb8

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