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I know this post is long time ago, but I want to share some information for someone visit this post later. I did install Ubuntu & Centos & Debian on a MBP(9.2). It seems the important point is the kernel version, not the distro itself. The newer the kernel, the better the performance/ compatibility to Apple's hardware. In my case, intel_pstate kernel ...


I'm using iStat Menus, which shows a GPU Memory Usage figure. The screenshot below is from my copy of iStat Menus 4.22. There is a new version 5 release, which includes "better per-app stats". I haven't tried this: I suspect it doesn't break down the GPU figures per-app, but it's worth a try -- there is a free trial.


September 2014 - Apple's Still Unacknowledged Elephant? Has your MacBook Pro turned into a brick? Gray screens? Black screen? Refuses to boot? Then the guys on this page have given THE answer. I tried a thousand things until I stumbled upon this for use after cmd+S when pressing power button: /sbin/fsck -fy / /sbin/mount -uw / mkdir ...


I am not saying you are wrong, but the GPU memory is normally used for rendering the current laptop 2D display, and then for the calculations for 3D display (games), and GPU acceleration (modern browsers). I've used, programmed various computers for many years, and yet to see an issue related to an application using to much GPU memory. But ISTRC MBP from ...

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