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In the WWDC 2015 video "What's new in Metal, Part 1", Rav Dhiraj from the GPU software division states at 8'40" Metal is supported by all Macs introduced since 2012. (Nvidia, AMD and Intel) This means : Intel HD Graphics 4000, Iris 5000 & 6000 family, nVidia GT 600M, 700M family, AMD R9 M family,


If it is a hardware issue, you'll have CPU usage and issues with a stock OS. Back things up and wipe it. Then run the iLife apps like garage band and iMovie and Photos to soak the CPU. Everything in my experience is you have some software issues that aren't ready for the new API and new CPU/GPU and will have occasional panics as the drivers get updated for ...


Some 2011 MBPs have a well-known GPU problem. So well-known, in fact, that Apple will replace your GPU for free! That link leads to Apple's page for their GPU replacement program.

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