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This is the article you're looking for: The iMac and its 5K display... as a gaming machine? from ArsTechnica. Nevertheless R9 M9290X is one of the most powerful mobile GPUs on the planet. That should be pretty powerful on development workflows (I'm a UNIX dev too and do development on GPU, mostly for crunching numbers though). Edit: 280X was a typo, but I ...


BareFeats shows it outperforming other quad-core Macs in games testing. May not completely answer your question but that site is a good starting point.


Bring it into your nearest Apple Store or Apple Authorized Service Provider and they can run a VST (AST Video System Test). That specific MBPr model is eligible for a repair program right now, so you'll get a free Logic Board replacement if it fails the VST test. Here is the Apple Support page with the information.

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