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No. setting "location services" to "on" in iphone just gives the apps permission to use the gps module; it's the apps that actually kick starts the gps hardware to function. so, unless until apps start using the gps, no battery is consumed.


Pure guess, but … The geomapping for the local WiFi connections is incorrect. Somebody recently moved house & took their router with them, or bought one from someone else, etc, etc & the locations database has not been updated to reflect this. Find my iPhone relies on already 'knowing' the position of all available WiFi APs [irrespective of ...


The iPhone does have two ways to get altitude, but the barometer is not one of them. You can only use a barometer for relative altitudes, not absolute, unless you know the current atmospheric pressure at sea level. But as well as GPS, Apple maintains a database of the locations (presumably including altitude) of a vast number of wifi networks, so if the wifi ...


Put it in the Notes field. You will have to copy/paste when you want to use it but that's the only way.


As long you are using the Network provide they will charge you. Voice or Data or both. Location service also works with GPS, Bluetooth (only short range) and WiFi. As long you are in a free WiFi (and turn off voice and data) it is the best way to avoid any surprise charges.

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