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Yes, you are not alone. I've been having the same problem, started mid-way through 2014. I didn't think anything of it at the time, but wish I had. I've also gone through multiple rounds with Apple Support only for them to repeatedly tell me that I have no GPS data in 2014 pictures, despite the fact that the vast majority do have GPS data. A few months ago ...


Here is a picture that I have taken in the plane using my iPhone 6. It is the IGO application on the screen. I do not know the exact altitude but it was really high. You can see our ground speed.


I can't speak to an iPhone specifically, but an iPad Air 2 works just fine as long as I'm in a window seat. I use ForeFlight, software used for navigating while flying, all the time during commercial flights when a passenger. During the climb/descent a turn might throw it off and it'll take a few seconds to reacquire the signal, and it might require holding ...


GPS itself works very well even in space. As the other answers have already mentioned the problem with low signal inside the plane is probably the biggest problem you will face. However, all GPS receivers are limited to speeds and altitudes. See


Domestic Satellite Navigation systems usually include limitations as a security measure. The general rule is that nothing off the shelf should be able to assist in the creation of a guided missile. To that end most, if not all, civilian GPS units will fail or work poorly if any of the following conditions are met: High Altitude - Once you are higher ...


This is from a fact, on my last trip, I was trying to see how fast the airplane was travelling using Speedometer app on iPhone 5c. It didn't work. Speedometer doesn't show location, so I tried Strava. It also didn't show speed, but it's showing that the position on map jumped occasionally. I don't think it's GPS signal issue, I brought a Garmin bike ...


It will work, but you must hold the phone at the window. And sometimes it takes plenty of time to fix the signal.


For most practical situations, GPS will work well enough for you to track your progress but not have great coverage (less than 2m accuracy) or accurate speed over ground readings from iOS. From an antenna / physics perspective, you may have horrendous GPS reception since you are riding inside a mostly complete faraday cage. Even if you have your phone in a ...

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