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Regarding the Google account login issue, I hope my answer to this related question may provide a solution:


This issue was plaguing me for a long-time and was really annoying. I initially thought it was an issue with a random plist or other file hanging out in the Library/ folder and I tried deleting many of them to try and get to the bottom of this. Eventually, I was tipped off to a Keychain issue by looking in Console, which with some Google'ing, led me to ...


There are many different ways to do this. The first would be to plug in your phone to a mac, open photos and import your video then upload as you would normally would to Google+ in a browser. The other method to do this is to use airdrop to send your video to a computer and upload it. Find the video in the photos app on your phone, click share and select ...


I was having the exact same problem and here's what worked for me. Open Keychain Access make sure "login" is selected in the upper left under "Keychains" and manually delete every entry that is associated with google (any entry with google in the name, I deleted) Go back to Internet Accounts and add your google account. Worked for me, I hope it works for ...

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