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It's actually quite simple. Just download the app entitled Contacts Sync from the App Store. With this app, you'll be able to quickly & easily transfer iCloud contacts to Google, and vice Versa. I downloaded several thousand in about 8 mins. Good Luck!


It is not possible to get suggestions from Google, but it is possible to do a Google (or any other supported search engines) search from Spotlight. Select your favorite search engine in the Safari preferences. Then in spotlight you type the term to be searched and then do the search with ⌘ + B. This works even if your default browser is not Safari, but ...


A great way to do it is via a new third-party webapp ('ShuttleCloud') officially integrated now in Google Contacts. Step 1: Go to Step 2: Under the side menu on the left go to 'More' then 'Import'. Select 'Other email provider' (where Apple is mentioned) and input your Apple iCloud address (you had to choose an ...

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