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Two ways to get lots of files/folders into Google Drive without altering your file structure: With Google Drive for Mac installed: duplicate the relevant folders and drag their copies into the Google Drive folder. OR Using Google Drive with Google Chrome: drag the relevant folders onto a Google drive window in Chrome; they'll upload and this won't ...


Hardlink traditionally only works for file, not directory. Though HFS+ supports directory hardlink, it is rather a internal feature for Time Machine. You might look at SugarSync , which claims Back up and access your files. Using your existing folder structure.


You can use a hard link: sudo ln -d "/path/to/original" "/path/to/drive/folder" This creates a link to the file/folder itself rather than how a symlink links to a pointer to a file. As the link folder is essentially the same as the original folder, Google Drive syncs it correctly. You'll need GNU ln to use the -d option. This can be installed using ...


I get duplicates for my RW2 files which seem "renamed" on the iOS devices. Other than that, normal JPG files don't seem duplicated. However, each time I make an edit to a file in Apple Photos, it re-uploades to Google Photos.


The arrow is your current location, except that it also represents your current location and orientation in navigation mode. Google Maps automatically switches between the blue dot that represents your current location to an arrow in a circle when you are using the app for navigation, as you can see in the following screenshots (surroundings obscured for ...


I am researching this problem with how iPhones handle calendar invites defaulting to iCal instead of using my Google Calendar and found this easy fix.

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