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My guilty plugin was: WebVideoPlugin.plugin Installed by Swann videos systems I moved my plug-ins to a different folder ½ at a time until GE stayed open.


I had same problem on iMAC running 10.9.5. I didn't have either of those previously mentioned plugins. I did have only one, a "Dish Anywhere Player.plugin" in Users/(My Name)/Library/Internet Plug-ins. When I trashed that plug-in then Google Earth would open and operate properly.


My family—one Nexus 6P user and two iPhone 6 users—is really happy with Life360. It provides just the same service as Find My Friends (letting family members view each other's current location), just cross-platform. It isn't battery intensive, works great, and even has some additional features as compared to Find My Friends. Life360 is free on Google Play ...


It's actually quite simple. Just download the app entitled Contacts Sync from the App Store. With this app, you'll be able to quickly & easily transfer iCloud contacts to Google, and vice Versa. I downloaded several thousand in about 8 mins. Good Luck!

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