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Tried everything and eventually deleted "fbplugin_1_0_1.plugin" from Internet Plug-ins folder, and now works.


You can download all Google+ photos in one go using Google Takeout.


Google+ Auto Backup for MAC. I have been running it on my MAC with current OS and it works well.


Normally you've to just turn on the 'Use SSL' option (Preferences->Accounts->Google->Server Settings). It's greyed out, because the option 'Automatically find server and port' is enabled. If the option is greyed as well, disable temporary the account then disable the option, then set the manual settings or try to click on 'Use Default Settings' option. You ...


Here's an extension that will let you do it in Google Chrome: https://github.com/nqzero/knogs At the bottom of that page is a link to do the same thing in Safari (I can't link to it directly from here because I don't have the reputation for it). I haven't tried either version though. Personally, I use Mafuyu ...

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