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Instead of cmd+alt+eject, use the Login Window instead as this does not interrupt your download or streaming. To use Login Window, go to: System Preferences -> Users > Login Options > Show fast user switching menu as 'Icon' You will see a "user icon" top right bar left of Spotlight icon. Click on this then click on Login Window. Hope this helps, if it ...


We have a Fix for this! In Chrome Version 52 beta we can now enable a new Flag to detach a Tab in a Fullscreen Window on Mac. Without Workarounds or extensions! The Flag: chrome://flags/#enable-fullscreen-in-tab-detaching And here the Bug-Report with Status Fixed:


This is not supported for now by the Google Chrome Browser. Same a Chromium - Google Chrome has no code for an own proxy built in and relies on the Operating System ... As you already found out - the setting will open the Preference Pane :)

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