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There is a app on iTunes that might do just what you want. Calarm: Calendar Alarm Clock By squishLogic For $1 it is worth trying. This app will automatically wake you up every day before your first calendar event and alert you about events during the day. • Alarms for all calendar events, including all-day and birthdays • Ability to cancel specific ...


I believe that the alarm has to be activated on the event itself in your calendar app. Just go to the event and edit it, then set a reminder alarm to go off at a specified time before the event (15 min. before, 1 hr. before, etc.). Remember, you can set alarms when you're creating the event as well. =)


If you haven't signed in with your Apple ID on an Apple device at least once in its history, these are the only services available to you. What is web-only access to iCloud? Web-only access is a free level of iCloud service that's available to anyone, including people who don't own or use Apple devices. It includes access to Pages, Numbers, and ...

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