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If I'm correct, using incognito mode means it doesn't save cookies or other caching method to keep you signed in on your device.


This option: -> Mail, Contacts, Calendars -> Select your Gmail account -> Tap the Delete Account button. Was not available on my device. I found that the account had only been setup through the Gmail app. If that is the case, open up the Gmail app and go to "Manage Settings". Long press on the account you would like to remove and it will give you the ...


To make "share by email" buttons on your Mac (system-wide!) open up in Gmail—instead of the Mail app—follow these instructions: -Download and install Google Chrome, if it's not on your Mac already. -Open the Mail app--yes, the stock Mail app. -Press "Mail" on the menu-bar, in the top-left of your screen, and hit Preferences. -Make sure you're in the ...


You can check Mailbox Behaviors in your Gmail account setting (under Accounts) and check Store deleted messages on the server. This will make your messages still available in other clients even if you delete them in the Mac where you have this setting. Reference: Mail (El Capitan): Mailbox Behaviors preferences


A great way to do it is via a new third-party webapp ('ShuttleCloud') officially integrated now in Google Contacts. Step 1: Go to Step 2: Under the side menu on the left go to 'More' then 'Import'. Select 'Other email provider' (where Apple is mentioned) and input your Apple iCloud address (you had to choose an ...

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