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It appears that you may be in the United Kingdom, and it appears that there is an issue with how you need to set up email accounts within Apple Mail for .co.uk domains. Apple provides this web app to allow you to enter your email account and returns a page such as this: As I am trying this from the States, it is likely that the web app senses my location ...


The route is Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > [Name of your Gmail account] On the first row of this screen it says Gmail and just below that, "Account"; to the right is the name of your account and an arrow. Tap on the arrow. The "Account" screen is opened. On the bottom row there is an "Advanced" button, tap on it.


Stars on Gmail are flags on Mail app. You can go ahead and remove the flags if you wish; the Flagged folder is a smart folder and removing the flags or stars will empty it. Or you can just leave them there, it depends on what you used Stars for. I wouldn't delete them though; while usually items in folders are just tags in Gmail, I'm not sure if deleting ...

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