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Sendemail works great with Gmail and all other SMTP servers I have ever tried: brew update brew install sendemail man sendemail Edit: Thanks for the edit/link/clarification, @patrick. I also wanted to clarify that I have always used sendemail flawlessly on Debian-based systems, but encountered TLS error after upgrading from OS X Mountain Lion to ...


In Gmail Settings, under General, check the following option: Then go to Contacts and delete all the Other Contacts that were previously added automatically. Performing this action in Gmail will be faster than on your iPhone because you can select all those contacts with a single click. Then, just wait for the deletions to propagate to your iPhone.


You can only change what a right swipe does in iOS. You can change what the middle option on a left swipe is, but a full left swipe will still be delete/archive. Check out settings -> mail, contacts and calendar -> swipe options.

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