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You need to add your password in the corresponding field for this options to appear. Use your email address (complete with the @domain.tld) in the "User name" text field. Check "Override default port", and "Use SSL to connect" on both servers. On IMAP use port 993 On SMTP use port 465 Click "Add account". Select your newly created account and click ...


Open Help in Mail and search for can't send or can't receive. Walk through the steps to troubleshoot this. Last resort - open Window > Connection Doctor and dig into the specific error messages for each non green light account.


I use Gmail for Work along with Mac Mail and how I got around this was by opening: Preferences > Accounts Then in the Email Address field I put a comma after the address that was there and then added the other address I wanted to be able to reply from. For me I added 4 different ones just by separating with a space and comma like this: me@gmail.com, ...

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