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Pinch-to-zoom on an email works in Gmail's latest iOS app (version 4.4) and Apple's native iOS Mail app (tested as far back as iOS 6). Maybe she does not know how to pinch-to-zoom?


Sorta–but no. There are actually three different things we're talking about here. iCloud mail Storage of attachments in iCloud Backup Each of these items are very distinct, but all pull from the same storage pool (your 5GB default.) Let's go over each. The first is iCloud mail. This is an email service effectively equivalent to any other, provided by ...


This problem is reported so often that it is likely there are multiple causes. But after many months of putting up with this exact issue, here is what worked for me: Mail => Preferences => General => Check for new messages The default setting is Automatically Change this to Every 5 minutes I imagine anything will work except "Automatically". My guess ...


I just added outlook to the apps when sending from Safari and it now appears as an option. Not quite default but good enough

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