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Just create a regular album not a smart one and then use the search box to look for the geographic location, example "Paris". Once you find it, select Paris from the search results, it will show all the pictures you took in Paris and then add the moments to your new album.


If you moved with your own router and are still connected to it —on the new location— it may be that the database that holds the information about where your particular SSID, MAC or whatever information Apple uses to identify and geolocate network devices that conform it's "WPS" has not been updated yet. This answer may be of help: The Mac can use Wi-Fi ...


Command line tool I've made quick modification to an excellent robmathers app WhereAmI. You can find it on my github. Once You compile it and run, that's the output: Latitude: 40.714232 Longitude: -73.9612889 Accuracy (m): 65.000000 Timestamp: 30.04.2015, 11:37:45 CEST Location: 277 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11211, United States If You want only the ...

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