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As long you are using the Network provide they will charge you. Voice or Data or both. Location service also works with GPS, Bluetooth (only short range) and WiFi. As long you are in a free WiFi (and turn off voice and data) it is the best way to avoid any surprise charges.


If you go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services, you can toggle Location Services being on and off. If you turn LS off, everything that uses your GPS location won't be able to fully function. It ranges from small things, like Snapchat's filter options not being available to you, to large things, like Maps not being able to use GPS location. Which is why ...


No, Find My iPhone will not continue to work if Location Services is disabled. However, if you enable lost mode, it will automatically enable Location Services. https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201357 In iOS 7, if you turn off Location Services and use Find My iPhone Lost Mode, Location Services will be re-enabled on the device as long as the ...


I found what may actually cause this problem. The weather widget uses location services to determine your home location. It caches the last location it found. I use my computer over wired LAN at home and location services does not work without WiFi on. So when at home it could never resolve my location and defaulted to the last location which was incorrect. ...

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