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You game center password is the same as your Apple ID password. To get that recovered you will need to call Apple Support and have a iDevice that is registered with that ID already. They will send a code, which you can then relay to them. They will change your password for you. If you are a minor, you need to get an adult to do this.


Unfortunately, if you had the same Game Centre on your iPad and iPhone it is not possible to recover the Town Hall 8 account :( However, in the future I suggest making a separate game centre account for each device running Clash of Clans. When I used to play, this worked well and prevented the loss of progress. Good luck with starting from scratch(you ...


The answer above is misleading. If you sign into a different game centre on your device and play coc it will ask if you would like to load the village associated with the gc account (assuming you have linked them). However it also says that all data for existing village (original gc account) will be lost. I'm too scared to confirm incase I can't get my first ...

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