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There's an option called resume I think - check out this post. To quote the answer, you can do System Preferences > General > Uncheck 'Close windows when quitting an application' Not exactly what you want, but it's a possible alternative maybe?


Check that under System Preferences > Trackpad, "natural scrolling direction" is enabled. Not having this option enabled would cause the screen to follow the exact direction your hand is swiping along the trackpad, and not the natural direction I assume you're used to. NB: I'm not sure of the exact term for natural scrolling but I'll update my answer ...


When facing this kind of problem (it occurs for me especially when I'm playing), I usually Cmd + Tab to switch to another application, then switch back to my full-screened one through the same command. It does the trick and makes the Dock disappear.


Drag the entire window down until it covers up the gap. Then resize the window at the top to cover the gap left at the top of the screen. Then you have no gaps.

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