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It turns out Chrome is apparently creating some special window called "Window". Witch sees that as the previous window and ⌘tab switched to it, not the actual video window. This takes me to the correct space for the video but it's the wrong window. The solution is to tell Witch to ignore windows with the name "Window" by adding ,Window the the "Ignore ...


Pressing Cmd 2 at the beginning of the presentation in Full Screen Mode seems to solve this problem


Safari Responsive Design Mode This is more of a work around than a solution. Safari's Responsive Design Mode new to El Capitan and allows you to set the width of a website while in full screen mode. It is enabled through Safari's developer mode.


There's an option called resume I think - check out this post. To quote the answer, you can do System Preferences > General > Uncheck 'Close windows when quitting an application' Not exactly what you want, but it's a possible alternative maybe?

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