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TotalTerminal has an option in its preferences panel now for enabling the same underlying option @Dan's answer illustrates setting manually:


In my case it was the Maven Failsafe Plugin that caused the annoying window focus stealing of ForkedBooter, and setting the JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS variable in .bashrc didn't help. This fix applies to both Failsafe and Surefire (although in my case, Surefire wasn't stealing focus). In your pom.xml, add a <argLine>-Djava.awt.headless=true</argLine> ...


Here's an AppleScript that can do it. Pass true or false to switch mode. The script uses the value of AXFullScreen to determine whether the app is currently in full screen and will only switch if necessary. Toggle an application from full screen to non full screen (or the reverse). Parameters: 1: application name(ie, Chrome) 2: boolean (true/false). ...


I do not know how to disable the navigation bar on Safari for iOS. However, applications exist for iOS that may satisfy your requirement. You may want to search the internet for terms such as "kiosk browser ipad" or a similar query. One of these applications is called Amtel Secure Browser Kiosk. I have never personally used it, but it is free. Amtel ...


Since i dont know much about technical terms so i will just post you the link check they have shown how to enable full screen in safari itself http://blog.initlabs.com/post/81716286465/how-to-display-websites-in-fullscreen-mode-in-ios7 . or you can use apps like SFWB OR FREE Full Screen Private Browsing for iPhone & iPad by SAVY SODA.


From the parallels forum, but could be a goer? If you don't want the dock or menu to show up in Mac OS X full screen then you need to turn on active screen corners and then set the screen corners to not have any associated action. (From the menu select "Virtual Machine" > "Configure...". Then select "Options" from the toolbar and then "Full ...

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