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To get full screen w/o address bar in Chrome on OSX use Cmd-Shift-F


Not entirely sure but Mavericks introduced a menu bar on all screens. It may be that these programs are not aware of this feature. EG they need an update for this to be fixed. Check the forums for this manufacturer.


Full screen support requires the developer to integrate it in to the app. You can't just 'add' the button to an app.


The menu bar can NOT be hidden on command whenever you like to due to limitations in Mac OS X. Apple can do this in their own programs but they have NOT made it possible for other developers in Mac OS X. One of the reasons being that Apple Menu sits on the Menu bar and is helpful if the application becomes unresponsive or if the user needs to log off ...


I found an imperfect solution: apparently applications that use their own full-screen mode (an older API maybe?) and not the OSX full-screen mode, disable the Notification Center while they're in full-screen. Scrivener's composition mode does this, as does Word 2011. A solution that worked for me in Scrivener was to go into regular full-screen mode ...


Those 5 pixels are tied to the Dock. You can position the dock on either the left of right side instead, but the gap stays on the side of the Dock. I think this is something fairly low level with the Dock, as window managers (like Spectacle) will maximize windows and not use the gap. My $0.02: If you have a lot of screen real estate, as it looks like you ...

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