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Go to Programs Create a MissionControl Alias Move it to a) the Desktop b) the Dock Click on it and be happy ;-) Chees & Choccolate greatings from the Swiss Alps


I can switch between windows of the same program by dragging four fingers left or right across the trackpad. This is analogous to pressing [Command] + [~] when the windows are not in fullscreen. You can find this setting under System Preferences>Trackpad>More Gestures.


I called Mac support about the issue, and it seems in Yosemite this feature has been since removed in general. However there are some apps that still function this way. One of them being iTunes (which opens in full screen mode). It was suggested, to get the functionality of a full screen app, after quitting, is to assign an app to a new desktop, and ...


I get the same symptoms/failure. The following Terminal command fixes it for me: killall Dock But before you do that, run killall -s Dock to make sure it's only going to directly kill the one "Dock" process. Dock will restart and then mission control is working again - for me anyway. You can verify that the restart happened by looking at the process ID of ...

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