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Gustavo's Answer fixes the problem on El Capitan 10.11.4 as well. Before: After:


The way to "fix wrong subpixel layout setting on Mac OS" is using System Preferences, Display, Rotation 180 degrees (from Standard). This makes an external LED display switch from BGR to RGB pixel orientation. However you also complain your fonts look terrible. Under System Preferences, General, uncheck Use LCD font smoothing when available. Now ALL fonts ...




That's not possible until now. Apple tried to implement an resolution independent UI in the past but removed it when the first Retina Macs came out.


Pinch-to-zoom on an email works in Gmail's latest iOS app (version 4.4) and Apple's native iOS Mail app (tested as far back as iOS 6). Maybe she does not know how to pinch-to-zoom?

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