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Not sure if you got an answer to this question, but I had exactly the same issue myself. Didn't have Open Sans open in Suitcase and it wasn't in my System Folder BUT I did find Open Sans Extrabold installed in my Creative Cloud assets using Typekit. I removed it, restarted machine and problem solved. Hope that helps if you hadn't gotten to the bottom of it!


Two options for the unsophisticated that worked for me: Under Word > Preferences > AutoCorrect > Replace as You Type unselect "'Straight question marks'" with 'smart quotation marks'". Unfortunately, this leaves you with straight quotation marks and apostrophes. Use Calibri as your font while writing, then convert everything to your font of choice when you ...


Font Suitcases can also contain PostScript Type 1 outline fonts. The current highest voted answer above does not mention this. And the solution proposed there does not work for these types of suitcases. Here is a screenshot of what a Type 1 suitcase looks like in OS X: The steps for converting these to OpenType OTF are: In a Terminal window, open the ...


The perfect font for terminal is 9x15 fixed font that distributed with X11 in every Linux systems. You can download adapted version for Mac OS here: http://monkey.org/~marius/beautiful-fixed-width-fonts-for-osx.html Just be sure to put the correct size, i.e. for 9x15 font is 15pt, 10x20 is 20pt and so on. Also, uncheck "Antialias text" in terminal settings ...


It is certainly possible to make changes in iOS Safari without a Jailbreak. Don't know exactly about Reader View, but the general algorithm is: make backup to your computer; decrypt backup file with special tools; find Safari and edit its contents. Also for Safari you can use plugin CustomReader II.

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