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Just some extra information ... My understanding is that __MACOSX is a subdirectory artificially created by the Mac GUI tools to hold meta data such as extended attributes that can't be normally saved in a zip file. If you use the Mac GUI tools to unpack the zip file, then the tools will know what to do with __MACOSX and the directory won't actually get ...


It's not possible to open folder with one click in default "Icons" view in Finder. However switching to "Columns" view (cmd-3) will allow you to open folder with one click. Also it could be faster to just use hotkeys instead of trackpad/mouse. Use arrows to navigate inside "Icons" view, cmd-down to open selected folder and enter to rename selected file or ...


The OS X boot loader is stored in a file called boot.efi which you can find in /System/Library/CoreServices. It isn't stored in /boot. You can read more about the OS X boot process on Apple's website here: Mac Developer Library - Kernel Programming Guide - The Early Boot Process


When you attach a folder to a email in Mail, even thought it looks like an individual folder in the email, both in the composed email and then the sent email, nonetheless the contents of the folder when sent, is zipped into a single .zip archive that is base64 encoded for transport. It is the .zip file that's received by others and there should not be a ...

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