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You can also download a free app called "TinkerTool" if you are interested in doing it without going into the Terminal.


Yes, you can change the default screenshot location with the following Terminal command where <path> is the location you want them to be saved: defaults write location <path> Then relaunch SystemUIServer for it to take effect: killall SystemUIServer


Favorites in the left hand side is a flat list, but it's a good place to store some frequent destinations. And make sure to select the third option (circled) so you can have a tree structure in your Finder. Last but not least, you may notice that the screenshot has a Path Bar at the bottom indicating your current location in the hierarchy. And I think this ...


In OS X’s Finder, the key combination ⌘+3 arranges the view in column (tree) fashion. If you wish to add the folder to the Finder’s sidebar, simply drag and drop the folder into it under the “Favorites” designation. If you wish to make the column view the default view for that folder, use the key combination ⌘+j with the desired folder selected and then ...


I know this thread is old, but am sharing in case someone stumbles across it as I did. On my Yosemite based Mac, it appears that naming a directory with the .service extension also has the same effect. Changing the extension name in the command line to something else allowed it to be accessed in Finder. This may be true on older Mac O/S's; I don't know ...


System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > Services


Ok, I think i've found it. Turns out that (at least under El Capitan) things are a little different. This AskDifferent answer by Greg Hacke pointed me in the right direction. It seems the databases are stored in $TMPDIR/../0/, with the main sqlite db being aptly named db. (After reading Geoff Hackworth's AskDifferent response, ...


You can install kde4-baseapps with MacPorts and use Dolphin alongside Finder. Finder is garbage... Dolphin is ok.


Ok, looks like it's a browser issue with a upload field. When it has attribute accept="image/gif,image/jpeg,image/jpg,image/png,video/mp4,video/quicktime,video/x-m4v" - I can't select a folder.

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