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Why not view in LIST the folder in which these two folders are ?? Then in View Options sort against CREATE DATE, you will be able to trash the older one and have the newer one survive.


The rsync command line tool is able to merge two folders. You'll need to open a terminal window. Take a look at the manual pages man rsync There may be a one liner but the following steps are non-destructive since you won't change your source folders. Create a new folder (dest) Sync source1_path to dest Sync source2_path to dest Here the script - ...


Finder doesn't know about symlinks but Terminal does. So ln -s ~/iTunes/*/Movies/*/*.mp4 /path/to/plex/folder/ should do the trick (paths need to adapted to your local paths).


If you have Xcode, it will open plist files, and display them in a nice editable tree-view.


You can do it using chflags. Try this way: chflags uchg filename Once type this command, filename can only be modified by you. Others users (root included) can't change it. To revert the changes, use: chflags nouchg filename See the example below: ✔ jherran@computer: ~/temp $ touch filename ✔ jherran@computer: ~/temp $ chflags uchg filename ✔ ...


The X is actually a button. It appears for example when you download a file or when you copy a folder/file. It allows you to cancel the download/copy process.


Go to /System/Library/CoreServices/CoreTypes.bundle/Contents/Resources/ this is where the resources are. the icon for generic folder is called "GenericFolderIcon.icns". What image is it in your system/ Is it the image of the Parallels icon? By default it should be the blue folder icon. Source ...


I have a solution that may not be for everyone as it involves Outlook on a permanently on PC. I use IMAP on my phone, the mail account in Outlook is always on and many rules in place, since the PC syncs every minute or so the rules are applied by Outlook. I get the occasional one that lands on the phone prior to the PC so does not get action-ed, apart from ...

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