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You can use Automator.app to create a service in finder. Open Automator. Create a new service documents set the the service receives selected Folders in Finder Add a Get folder contents Action. Add a Get Run Applescript Action. replace the applescript content with the applescript below. . on run {input, parameters} set theCsv to "" repeat with ...


The easiest (but somehow manual) way is to select all the files in Finder, copy them to the clipboard with Cmd-C and then pasting the names into a Numbers sheet with Cmd-V. If you want more control, you can revert to Terminal for the copy step and run cd /some/folder ls *.jpeg | pbcopy to get the name all jpeg files in this folder into the clipboard.


This is simply a glitch. The darkened triangle is used when the button is pressed. It doesn't mean anything about the folder and will be fixed by closing and re-opening the window as you discovered.


Nothing is really 'special' about that folder. It's just a folder in /Applications like any other folder (albeit with a custom icon). The permissions on the folder should be the same as /Applications itself — if they're not, they've probably been changed. You should be able to fix the permissions with a permissions repair from Disk Utility.

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