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It is possible for the lost firmware password to be reset, but not by a normal user. As an Apple Certified Macintosh Technician working for a third-party service centre, if someone brings in a machine that has RAM soldered to the Logic Board and they have forgotten their firmware password, I can upload the serial number and request a firmware password ...


You can remove the firmware password by changing the RAM configuration, booting up to the startup menu, shutting down and changing it back. Basically, if you have two 1GB chips of RAM in there now, you can remove one of the chips, start up holding alt/option, shut down and put the other chip back in. This will remove the firmware password. Now, you can ...


I doubt it, and even if they did, you should not rely on it. I assume you are concerned about the case where your laptop gets stolen; you want to protect your data. In that regard, the firmware password is utterly useless, the thief could just pull the drive out and access your data anyway. I suggest you look into something like FileVault 2 instead.


If someone has your administrator account, everything on the machine is accessible to them. People in IT Security circles say "Physical access = Total access". Keychains can only be unlocked with the keychain password. If an account password is changed/updated without being logged into the account AND having the relevant keychain unlocked, the keychain ...


To reset the firmware password it looks like you have to take it in for service at your nearest Apple Support location as noted in the following Apple Support Article MacBook Air (Late 2010) and later, MacBook Pro (Early 2011) and later, iMac (Mid 2011) and later, Mac mini (Mid 2011): Recovering a lost firmware password Symptoms Learn what to do if ...


If you mount the hidden "Recovery HD" partition in Terminal: sudo diskutil mount Recovery\ HD and then again mount the "BaseSystem.dmg" by double clicking it: then you should be able to use the setregproptool, located inside "Firmware Password Utility.app": To get to the folder containing setregproptool right-click (or Control click) "Firmware ...


The only way to reset the open firmware password is to take the Air to an Apple store or other authorised Mac reseller. see: How do Apple engineers reset EFI password on new MacBooks?


The following article may help your problem. :) Mac OS X: Require Password at Single User Mode


If FileVault is enabled, booting into single user mode requires a password, so neither of the methods for resetting the password in single user mode work. As others have mentioned, resetting the login password doesn't reset the password of the login keychain. I tried resetting the login password a few months ago. I could access most files normally, but not ...


Apple Support Document HT1352 states: Use a secure password that contains both numerals and letters in the first eight characters. I assume from this statement that OF ignores the 9th and succeeding characters in the chosen password, but I haven't tested to see if this is the case. Further down in the document, an image of the Firmware Password ...


In a word, no. If you are concerned with the contents of your machine being compromised should the machine be stolen a better bet may be to encrypt your drive with FileVault (assuming you are or intend to upgrade to using Lion). Even if the firmware passwords was irreversible, it would not stop someone simply taking your disk out and reading another way. ...


If you have the install discs you can reset the admin account passwords and wipe all data. First the passwords. Insert the disc, choose you language. In the installer/utilities (depends on your OS version) menu you choose reset password and then choose the Mac HD. Choose the user account, enter in your new passwords. You then need to quit the password ...


Sorry to state the obvious, but physical possession of the mac and knowledge of how it works will bypass the firmware password. You have to employ other strategies like FileVault 2 (or other whole disk encryption) if you can't prevent physical access to the RAM.


From your description, I believe you're looking at the firmware password: This isn't specific for Boot Camp, and would have been set through the Firmware Password Utility. If you can't remember the password you set and can't boot into Mac, you'll need to go to an Apple Store.


Your firmware password must be disabled to start Apple Hardware Test. To do this: Either boot into OS X Recovery (hold ⌘+R while powering on) and select Firmware Password Utility from the menu, or follow these instructions. Select "Turn Off Firmware Password...": Enter your firmware password to disable it: Select "Quit Firmware Password Utility": ...


It turned out that I had to turn off my firmware password to be able to do this. Here are some steps to resetting the firmware password. Note that you will need to know your firmware password to be able to reset it!

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