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Yes, it still can be tracked. Anyone with the ability to track the IMEI number can find it if it is online, or using the phone services, since the iPhone is always broadcasting it. You can check information about (this is not tracking) yours here http://www.imei.info/ To display your IMEI number read this http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4061, or look at ...


Not by you, no. The police should be able to identify a stolen phone with the IMEI, and the carrier can track a phone from the SIM card, but other than that, no.


Is mobile data switched on on the phone. It is possible that it cannot update the lcoation data as it cant connect to the internet. You should check that mobile data is switched on and that your cell phone includes mobile data (and that you have sufficient allowance remaining). Another thing to check would be to move the phone to another location where ...

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