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iCloud's "play a sound" feature will ding even with the phone on silent.


It doesn't look like they're really tracking anything here. They're just giving you dates that a phone moved from carrier to carrier or gets a new SIM card. They claim this is useful because you will then be armed with the knowledge to reach out to the proper authorities. Here's the rub: to my knowledge a database with all activations doesn't exist other ...


If you manually wipe a Retina iMac (Flash drive) it finishes in 3 seconds, not 1 day. It is very fast, it directly formats it and maybe that same procedure occurs in the FMi option.


The backups do not get erased when you send an erase request to a phone. You are actually preserving the back ups in the sense that if your phone doesn't have a passcode lock or the passcode becomes compromised, whoever has your phone now could start deleting things and if the phone starts A new back up then your current backup would have less of your data ...

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