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While gaming related, this post looks relevant to you. The long and the short is that VRAM actually affects video performance fairly minimally. The major gain is the ability to run multiple monitors/higher resolutions. That said, the answer to "is enough" in computer circles is almost always "get the most" if you're planning on using a single monitor and ...


The minimum amount of VRAM Apple recommends for running Final Cut Pro X is 256 MB. As a Final Cut Pro user myself (albeit a very light user), I find that 1 GB is sufficient, though I rarely put the program "through its paces," and the work you will be doing will likely be on a larger scale. 1 GB also happens to be Apple's minimum recommendation for editing ...


The video memory will not be upgradable. You can upgrade the system RAM, and if you were able to find one, the Solid State Drive. I have no Final Cut Pro experience, so I can't say if the 2gb video RAM is enough.

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